11-inch MacBook Air 128GB Model

Our Price: $999

Looking for a fast, fully featured notebook to travel with? The new 11-inch Macbook Air has just hit the market and is more affordable than ever. Once upon a time, Macbook Airs were out of the price range of most, but even then they didn't have quite the speed or storage to be used as a main computer. Now that has all changed. Not only is the new 11-inch 128GB MacBook Air affordable, it has everything you need to make this your one and only notebook. Apple have so much confidence in this fact that they have scrapped their white MacBook model from the line-up and decided to offer simply the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro.

While the Macbook Pro is generally geared towards heavy users- especially those who want to edit video or play graphic intensive games, you just can't beat the portability of the Air. This 11-inch notebook has an absolutely gorgeous form factor which certainly won't slow you down if you want to carry it around everyday.

While many notebooks and laptops today are difficult to set up, the 11-inch Macbook Air comes with Apple's newest operating system Lion already on your machine. From the first time you turn on your notebook, you will be amazed how user friendly and fast the set-up process is. If you already have a mac or PC, or want to set up all your settings using a previous time machine, you can easily transfer all your data from your previous computer onto your new Air. OSX Lion has a host of new features that will delight old and new Macbook users alike. The awesome Airdrop feature allows you to share files with anyone you are near without having to endure a complicated set-up process. You don't even need a Wi-Fi network. Whether you use this at home or in the office, this makes life so much easier. If you have ever used email on an iPad, you'll know what an intuitive experience it is. Lion has brought this experience to Mail on your MacBook which is a glorious way to enjoy your email. Wherever you are with your MacBook Air, its improved battery life means that you can enjoy browsing the web or watching video on the gorgeous LED glossy widescreen for longer than ever before. Be the first of your friends to own this very sleek, attractive notebook by grabbing one today at a bargain price.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

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