2.5GHz Mac Mini 500GB Model

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Do you already have a PC but want to switch to Mac? There has never been a better time to become a Mac user with the launch of OSX Lion. The 2.5GHz Mac Mini ships with Lion preinstalled which makes setting up your new Mac a very simple process. Lion has a host of great features that you'll absolutely love on your new Mac Mini. With this new OS, a lot of emphasis has been placed on perfecting multitouch gestures. The aim is to operate your Mac in a way that is comfortable for you so it becomes an extension of yourself. If you have ever used an iPhone or iPad, you'll know how great it can be to pinch to zoom and swipe to scroll or switch between apps. All of these gestures have been perfected for use on the Mac and you can enjoy this interaction using a Magic Trackpad with your Mac Mini.

If you're somebody who is easily distracted, then you'll love the systemwide full-screen feature that allows you to make any application open in full-screen so you can give all your attention to the task at hand. With an autosave feature that saves everything automatically for you, your hard work will never be lost again either. There is also a resume feature that reopens applications right where you left off the last time. The user experience that OSX Lion offers on the Mac Mini is just phenomenal. The form factor of the Mac Mini is gorgeous also. You'll be amazed the amount of space you'll save hooking this little box up to your monitor instead of having a large tower beside your desk. However, even though it's a lot smaller, you'll still find everything you need on the little box. there are four USB ports, a Firewire 800 and Thunderbolt port, an SDXC card slot for transferring photos from your camera and other devices that use card storage, a headphone jack and a Gigabit Ethernet port. You won't regret making the switch to Mac mini. Not only can you keep your existing monitor and save money doing so, the speed and the productivity features on the Mac will change the way you work and play on the computer. The 2.5GHz Mac Mini 500GB Model is on sale here for a limited time. Snap it up while stocks last.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

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