Apple Bumper Case for iPhone 4

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Have you got yourself a shiny new iPhone 4 and want to spruce it up a little? Maybe you just want to prevent your brand new gadget from getting scratched or broken? Most people splurged on buying many different covers and cases from hundreds of third party manufacturers for their iPhone 2g, 3g and 3gs so Apple have tried their hand at designing their own iPhone cases this time around. They came up with the iPhone 4 bumper which wraps around the device protecting its sides. It is raised slightly in order to protect the front and the when the phone is lying flat also. This helps to prevent any scratches that may occur during any day to day activities of phone usage.

As some iPhone 4 users have complained about loss of reception when they cover the exterior antennae, the bumper also solves this signal problem by covering the areas of concern. Made of rubber, hard plastic and metal for the buttons, these bumpers are well designed and built to last, unlike other flimsier cases that are not as well thought out. These bumpers also add a splash of color to your handset as they come in white, black, blue, green, orange, or pink. This will brighten up your phone and allow you to add a bit of your personality to it.

You've splurged to buy your awesome iPhone 4, don't sacrifice now by buying it a subpar cover to protect it. Get your genuine Apple iPhone 4 bumper here at the best price.

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Last updated: Friday, November 15, 2019

Apple Bumper Case for iPhone 4 Reviews (3)

  1. September 1, 2010 by Steve


    The iPhone bumper case is very essential for the iPhone because from my personal experience it does have the antenna problem. When I hold the iPhone in my hand I can see the antenna bars dropping which is annoying as I love my iPhone and had bought it for a lot of money. The bumper case is also provided by Apple for free, you just have to download the app and claim the bumper case. I received the bumper case in four days and I was surprised to find that it really did solve the problem of falling antenna bars.

    Pros: comfortable to hold, nice colors, durable.
    Cons: not everyone like to put a cover on iPhone especially as the new iPhone 4 looks really good.

  2. September 1, 2010 by James


    I really like the colors of the new iPhone bumper case, even though Apple gives only one case for free, I purchased additional case from the internet, I now have iPhone bumper case matching to my dress color. It feels good on hand and it has a rubberized texture so it does not slip form my hand. It also protects the back side of the phone from scratching when you keep it in any hard surface. It also keeps my hand away from the metal band so no loss of radio signals.

    Pros: lots of colors, cheap, protects the phone
    Cons: difficulty in connecting to the dock connector, the old cables do not fit, there is a chance that it might look ugly on phone.

  3. September 2, 2010 by Ross


    This case does not change the functionality of the iPhone in any way, it just solves a problem which iPhone 4 has, and Apple should have provided some solid solution to this problem instead giving out free bumper case. I don’t like covering up my phone with anything especially my iPhone 4 because it has a really nice design which I don’t want to be hidden with the bumper case. I don’t like the rubbery feel of the case; the smooth cold steel band of the iPhone was more comfortable against hand.

    Pros: handles reception problem well, has some nice colors, protects the back side of iPhone
    Cons: rubberized feel, hides the metal band, feels cheap

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