Apple iPod Shuffle (3rd Gen)

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The Apple iPod shuffle is perfect for those who exercise, it is virtually weightless. Clip it to your belt, your sleeve or anywhere else and there’s no burden, no bulk in your pocket- just a simple interface that is extremely easy to use. There is a play/pause button in the centre; skip forward and back buttons and two buttons to adjust the volume. The device is so ergonomic that you will find you do not even have to look at the player to use the controls. The iPod shuffle comes in many different colours to suit your taste including blue, green, pink, grey and red. The Shuffle comes with 12 hours of battery life. A green, amber and red light indicates the battery life. It supports MP3, AAC, Audible, WAV and AIFF formats.

A dock comes included with your shuffle (like the new iPod nano and iPhone) so you can sync your iPod with your computer to change or update your music. Using iTunes, you can create play lists for your Shuffle or you can flip the shuffle switch to mix up your music. The iPod shuffle is available in a 1GB model, which holds approximately 240 songs and a 2 GB player that holds around 500 songs.

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Last updated: Friday, November 15, 2019

Apple iPod Shuffle (3rd Gen) Reviews (6)

  1. December 4, 2009 by KCK

    this product is great! u can tke it anywhere, u can clip it to your jeans pocket or anything! if you just wanna listen to your music with no hassle this would be a great ipod for you. it is simple & affordable.

    simple, inexpensive, small

    i like a sceen on my ipod so i know what i am listening to & i can skip to that song easily

  2. December 21, 2009 by Taylor

    I think this i-pod is propostous!!!! it is tiny, there’s no screen, it’s only 2 GB, and it is SO simple!!! I need somthing like an Itouchy to get me satisfied!!!

    Pros: NONE!!!

    Cons: tiny, no screen, 2 GB, too simple


    tiny, no screen, 2 GB, too simple

  3. July 25, 2010 by Thomaso

    Ipod shuffle 3g+ is great for people who only listen to music while multi-tasking. It has literally all the features of every other ipod except lame games and a screen. It has all the controls on the headphones so there is almost no risk of the actual ipod getting damaged. You can fast forward, rewind, pause, play, skip ahead a song, skip back a song, and talks to you to allow you to go through playlists. I got creative by making a playlist separating all my bands/favorite songs, So it was so simple to even find a specific song I wanted. People who talk negative about this product never took 20 minutes to realize how simple these controls are and how durable/great this product really is, or are just huge music addicts who spend night and day updating their ipod.

    Pros: Great and simple controls, all the great features of normal ipods, No screen is a pro because it makes the ipod so light and so durable that you could go running with it just dangling from your head and it would stay connected to the headphones, 2gb/4gb is plenty of space for my music collection.
    Cons: No screen some will argue is bad, I disagree though. Just be creative. Nothing else is bad about this unless you have a huge music collection and need a lot of space.

  4. September 10, 2010 by Ashley


    iPod Shuffle is a simple music player. It has only one or two GB memory so you cannot put in every music you have into it. You can put in 200-300 songs that are about 10 or 15 which might be more than enough for some people. The playback sound quality of iPod Shuffle is great. Putting music into iPod Shuffle is very simple. You just have to connect it to your PC or Mac and start iTunes and sync the music you want to the device.

    Pros: cheap, good music quality, lots of colors
    Cons: no screen, iTunes dependent, difficult to navigate.

  5. September 10, 2010 by Danny


    The iPod shuffle is a really small portable music player. It holds about twelve discs worth of music and has a great battery life. Putting music in the device is very simple, you just have to plug it in to your computer and use iTunes to import your discs or you can buy the music you want directly from iTunes store. The device also charges when it is connected to the computer. The controls in iPod shuffle are very simple – play, pause and skip.

    Pros: small, portable, cheap
    Cons: no screen, navigation difficult, feels to plasticy

  6. September 10, 2010 by Morgan

    I like the iPod Shuffle a lot. It is a simple music player. It does not do anything else, iPod Shuffle is for people who just want to listen to music whenever they have some free time. If you want something more than music you should look at its brothers iPod nano and iPod Touch. Putting music into iPod Shuffle is very simple and it has a very good battery life that would last for days on a single charge.

    Pros: good music quality, cheap, lots of colors
    Cons: no camera, no screen, small memory

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