Apple iPod Touch 8GB (4th Gen)

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Been waiting patiently for a camera to arrive on the iPod Touch? Time to snap this one up because it's finally got all the camera goodness you've been dying to add to your favourite MP3 player and portable internet tablet. With this 4th generation model Apple have finally added not only photo and video capability, but HD video, which you can even edit direct on the iPod touch itself with the iMovie app. With revolutionary new touch screen technology, it has never been more fun to listen to your MP3s and now, watch your own HD videos in widescreen!

While we patiently wait for the iPhone 4 to come down in price (and wait for Nokia to bring out their competitor) we have the ipod touch, a cheaper version of the iphone without the phone. This has never been more true than now as this new iPod Touch (4th generation) even has FaceTime, so you can video chat with friends that have their own iPod Touch and iPhones without owning an iPhone yourself. Simply connect over Wi-Fi and you'll be able to enjoy this great feature. This front facing camera is also great for taking your own portraits. Say goodbye to snapping 50 times and still just getting your forehead and your friend's face half cut off.

The app store hasn't stopped growing and this iPod has adopted the same retina display as the new iPhones so the graphics for gaming are phenomenal. There's so many games and apps to choose from that you will never have to suffer a boring moment again. The iPod touch can be used to check your emails, and browse the web on the go and buy music wireless on the move. The video is also top notch video quality, perfect for those painful bus journeys into work in the morning. The new ios 4 software also makes this without a doubt the best iPod touch ever. Order your 4th generation 8GB iPod touch today! If you're looking for the previous 3rd generation iPod Touch, we have those too.

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Last updated: Monday, March 30, 2020

Apple iPod Touch 8GB (4th Gen) Reviews (3)

  1. July 3, 2012 by Jas0n


    it’s alright but i thnk psp go is78% better so yah get a psp go not touchscreen but better

    Pros: touchscreen and temple run game
    Cons: other games and apps are boring

  2. December 28, 2012 by mike


    It is a good deal and has a front facing camrea and the app store keeps growing never
    Stops so get one it is worth it

    Pros: Frontfacing camrea good games facetime with friends and touchscreen
    Cons: If drop wrong way screen crack

  3. January 3, 2013 by Grace


    This is cool becaues these help keep kids busy . Let children practice when older to be able to have a cellphone. I think it is very reliable.

    Pros: This allows kids to have there own privacy on it, it has cool apps, it lets kids have fun keep busy and practice being a mature person not a rambuxious person.
    Cons: Kids might become obbsed with it and stay on there all day, kids might change there passwords every day or hour. Kids can let this go to there heads.

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