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These days one of the big problems with computers is how quickly they become obsolete. Even the most powerful computer today won’t be in the same league in three years time. Even Apple update their MacBook range on a very regular basis. With this in mind Apple created the Mac Pro range of desktop computers, a powerhouse of a machine that is easily and infinitely upgradable.

The Mac Pro is highly customisable, with processor speeds of up to 3.33GHz3. It has four PCI Express 2.0 expansion cards and it’s spacious interior makes it easy to add up to a massive 32GB of memory and can hold up to 8TB of storage. It comes with a powerful AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards for the fastest-ever Mac graphics and a mini display port to give you endless display options.

The Mac Pro doesn’t come with a monitor, keeping the price lower and giving you more options about what size and type of display you want. It does however come with an Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, an Apple Mouse and is preloaded with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and iLife.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

Apple Mac Pro Reviews (2)

  1. September 1, 2010 by Matt


    I was waiting for the release of the new Mac Pro because my older is Mac Pro is well… old. I liked the Mac Pro, it is very fast while doing common tasks but when it comes to heavier graphic tasks like editing a video, playing games or watching blue ray movies. The problem is because of the 1 GB RAM, it just cannot handle the tasks well, your Mac experience would be better if you buy additional 2 GB of memory minimum. Four GB of memory would be better but I found 3 GB to be sufficient for heavy graphic tasks also.

    Pros: it is a quite machine, can run windows parallel to it, RAID configuration creation is very easy.
    Cons: memory RAM is not sufficient, graphics card is not adequate for the price, still a lot of windows programs are not available for Mac

  2. September 2, 2010 by Samuel


    I think this is the fasted Mac I have used till now, it is very fast, you can run multiple applications in it without any problem, for instance I was editing a video, running photoshop, iTunes, Safari and backing up my machine at the same time and there was no lag, everything ran very smooth which is very impressive. This is mostly because instead of a single core two cores are working back to back distributing the load among themselves and you should not forget that there is a top class graphics processing unit in there.

    Pros: fast, multiple programs run smoothly, efficient use of dual cores
    Cons: some programs don’t run, Preinstalled RAM not sufficient, graphics card is a little underpowered

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