Apple Time Capsule (1TB)

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Making the effort to continuously create up-to-date backups of your files takes a lot of time and patience, unless you have a Time Capsule which was created by Apple to solve this problem. It’s a wireless hard drive that works with both Macs and PCs, but is also a fully featured 802.11n Wi-Fi base station with simultaneous dual-band support. Every computer (windows or MAC) can access the Time Capsule, which makes home networking and file exchange between computers very easy. You can even attach your printer to it and then any computer connected to Time Capsule will be able to print off documents.

Time Capsule works seamlessly with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard and with 1TB of space, it serves both as a great backup hard disk (it wirelessly backs up without you ever realizing it’s doing anything) and external hard disk for extra storage. Perhaps the best feature is to store all your data on it and be able to run things wirelessly i.e. you can see pictures, play music, movies all from Time Capsule's hard disk. You could export your entire music collection to Time Capsule and iTunes will play it without any delay over your wireless network from any computer.

Ensure that you never have to deal with losing lost files- Don’t delay in picking up a Time Capsule today.

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Last updated: Friday, February 21, 2020

Apple Time Capsule (1TB) Reviews (3)

  1. September 2, 2010 by Katy


    The installation is very simple and you will be up and running in about two minutes, you the manual setup if you want to change the security setup and make other general changes, if you don’t know much about these stuff I advice you against it – just opt of easy installation. There are chances that you might lose data while transferring so check it carefully during setup. You can also use this as an external hard drive and use it to store music, movies etc.

    Pros: cool design, lots of space, easy setup
    Cons: uses a lot of bandwidth while backups, backups are sometime very slow, gets hot

  2. September 2, 2010 by John


    I liked the design very much, it is sleek and looks very good, it runs silently and does not cause disturbance and even though I’m not quite sure about it, I don’t think it absorbs much power because it is a tiny device. It works very well with Time Machine and you can use this even on a Windows machine, I have tested it on my Windows 7 and it worked quite well. Be careful if you access it while is running it gets very hot.

    Pros: great sleek look, silent operation, less use of power
    Cons: gets very hot, slows down network, takes a lot of time to back up.

  3. September 2, 2010 by Mandy


    For some strange reason after starting it my internet speed came at a slow crawl, I could not even check my email, then I came to realize that it was throttling all my bandwidth, there should have been some kind of optimization here, it should use a limited amount of bandwidth and leave the rest of other applications to use. It is slower than normal copy paste so when you are setting it up and starting it do realize that it will take a long time to back up everything.

    Pros: sleek and small, works with windows, runs silently
    Cons: throttles internet speed, is very slow, get hot

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