Apple TV 160GB (1st Gen)

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Do you have a HD television? Just because your TV is HD ready doesn't mean that you're using it to its full potential. With Apple TV, you can really get the most of your television entertainment. Hook it up to your television and a new world of TV shows and movies are open to you. Rent or buy the latest movies by browsing through genres, top movies or even searching by actor or director. Watch the movie trailer before making any decisions and put parental control on if you have little ones at home.

HD movies, TV show, YouTube videos and even podcasts are all available on demand. Apple TV allows you to enjoy all the media you love on your computer right from your large TV screen to share with friends and family. The Apple TV is a great asset for having people over to your home as you can also show off your photos and enjoy your entire iTunes collection or internet radio from your television. Best of all, listening to iTunes is incredibly simple as your iTunes syncs wirelessly to this device. The interface is very similar to the new iPod touch too.

Who needs to spend time creating photo albums when you can show off all your memories in crisp HD. If you use iPhoto, you can browse your photos by event or by person with Faces, the same way you would with iPhoto on your Mac. You can also browse Flickr right from your Apple TV. With a 160GB hard drive that can store up to 200 hours of video and up to 36,000 songs, the Apple TV is the perfect addition to your iTunes collection. Buy yours today and make every night in an entertaining one.

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Last updated: Friday, February 21, 2020

Apple TV 160GB (1st Gen) Reviews (3)

  1. September 1, 2010 by Logan


    Apple TV is good for renting HD movies easily and quickly from the convenience of your couch. Movies cost 5 dollars only and that is pretty cheap for High Definition movies in my opinion. But you have to have a really fast internet connection for the movies to download quickly and for them to play back without shuttering or giving you the buffering dialogue. I recommend a minimum of 6MBPS internet connection speed if you have to watch streaming high definition movies.

    Pros: easy High Definition movie availability, large movie collection, cheap movie downloads and rentals.
    Cons: needs fast internet connection, movies are DRM locked, not available in all regions.

  2. September 2, 2010 by Chandler


    Apple TV is the easiest way to watch some movies in High Definition without much effort like going to your nearby video store and renting movie or searching the internet for movies. Apple TV not only has movies in High Definition but you can also get TV shows like glee, Dexter, Criminal Minds, Castle, White Collar etc. and if you feel like watching some of the videos online, you can stream YouTube videos straight to Apple TV.

    Pros: High Definition movies, free streaming of youtube videos, almost all TV shows available
    Cons: needs fast internet connection, regional restrictions, DRM protection.

  3. September 2, 2010 by Justin


    Apple TV does not actually work for me because there is no shut down button, it is always in hibernate mode and uses a lot of bandwidth, you cannot watch any of the High Definition movies via Apple TV if your internet connection is slow, Apple recommends a connection speed of at least 6 MB per second which is not available here. Normal movies work but then there is the geographical restrictions because of which majority of movies are not available for viewing.

    Pros: interface looks cool, navigation is very simple, purchase process is fast
    Cons: sometimes gets stuck, need very fast internet connection, DRM restrictions are annoying.

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