13-inch MacBook Air 256GB Model

Our Price: $777

Settled on a Macbook Air but need the top of the range model? The 13-inch MacBook Air 256GB model is at the top of this very impressive range. Before the launch of this generation of MAcBook Air, a lot of people found it difficult to decide between the Macbook Air or the iPad 2 as a secondary device for traveling with. The MacBook Air had the keyboard and the iPad stood out with its entertainment features. With this upgrade and price drop of the MacBook Air range however, they have separated the devices further with the decision to replace the white classic Macbook with the Air. This is because the Air now stands firmly as being a computer suitable for more than netbook use. This notebook is very capable with advanced Intel HD graphics 3000 and the inclusion of an SD card slot as well as a Thunderbolt connection. Thunderbolt I/O is very forward facing technology that is 20 times faster than USB 2.0 and up to 12 times faster than FireWire 800. This kind of speed allows you to use this single port to connect a huge number of peripheral devices with amazingly fast performance.

The 13-inch MacBook Air also ships with Lion, Apple's newest operating system. Lion has brought multi-touch on the trackpad a step further with options to switch between open apps with a swipe, two finger scroll, tap to zoom, pinch to zoom and swipe to navigate. All of this feels so natural that you'll feel your productivity increase with every swipe. There is also a gesture to launch Mission Control which is a new feature that brings Dashboard, Exposé, Spaces and full screen apps together to give you a full view of everything on your MacBook Air. Launchpad is also a new feature designed to improve your usability. If you're searching for a particular app, just use launchpad to make things easier. When clicked, all your open windows fade away to reveal a display of every app you have installed. Here, you can arrange them into folders, group them or delete them with ease. Another great feature you'll love on the new MacBook Air is Auto Save. Everyone's been there- you've slogged away on a document for hours and forgot to save, losing everything including your sanity. If you're addicted to pressing save like me, then you'll love this feature that just saves everything, all the time. No more lost work.

At this new price point with all this great new specs and features, there's never been a better time to get a Macbook Air. We have a great deal on this top of the range 13-inch 256GB MacBook Air. Snap it up before it's gone.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

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