Apple Earphones with Remote & Mic

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Are you looking for replacement headphones for your iPhone? Or perhaps you want to add a remote and ability to make VOIP calls to your iPod Touch? In either case you can’t go wrong with the original and best, Apple Earphones with Remote & Mic.

These headphones don’t just give you the ability to make and receive handsfree calls on your iPhone, the built-in remote is great for controlling your music too. You can quickly and easily decrease or increase the volume, move between tracks, or pause. The remote comes in really handy when your iPod or iPhone is buried deep in your pocket.

These are a must for any iPod Touch owner because the Apple Earphones with Remote & Mic isn’t just great because they have a remote, they also gives you the ability to make Skype and VOIP calls or record voice memos to yourself. The microphone will pick up your voice with almost zero background noise or distortion.

As with all Apple earphones the sound quality is fantastic and they are very comfortable to wear too, even for extended periods of time. Buy yours today, your ears will thank you.

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Last updated: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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