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The new Apple iPod Nano is known as "the stepping stone" to being a full blown Apple fanboy/fangirl. The iPod Nano is the perfect first MP3 player and this 3rd generation version even plays video! Getting a cheap iPod Nano has never been easier as they are released so often that picking up a bargain on an older generation version can be really worthwhile.

Coming in an 8GB version, the Nano is no longer an MP3 player "just for a few songs". It now has the capacity to hold just as much as the first gen ipods and even the iPhone!

The Nano is perfectly suited to those of you who love music and want something small enough to fit on your arm while at the gym.

We also have another small section dedicated exclusively to cheap pink iPod nanos over here. These things are REALLY small. You have to see it to really believe how tiny. And do yourself a favor, don't bother spending silly prices for a cheap nano on the high street, get a cheap one here. If you're looking for the newer nano, pick up a cheap 4th gen nano here.

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Last updated: Friday, February 21, 2020

Apple iPod Nano 3rd Generation Reviews (3)

  1. September 13, 2010 by Emma


    iPod nano is one of the best music player. It is small and easy to carry. It fits in pocket nicely and you can carry if for jogging or for working out. It has really good music quality. It is also good for listening to podcasts. You can manage podcasts from iTunes and sync them to iPod nano. To charge iPod nano you have to connect it to PC or Mac. In 8GB memory you cannot put in your music library but you can put some of your favourite albums.

    Pros: sleek, music quality, durable.
    Cons: no camera, no apps, no good games.

  2. September 13, 2010 by Laura


    iPod nano is best for listening to music or podcasts. You have to connect it to PC or Mac and use iTunes software to transfer the music and podcasts you want to iPod nano. iPod nano charges while it is connected to the computer. Unless you buy another power adapter this is the only way you can charge your iPod nano. The colour choices are great so you can choose your favourite colour. Its battery life is also great.

    Pros: good for music, podcast support, battery life
    Cons: no FM tuner, no camera, multiple colors.

  3. September 13, 2010 by lindsay


    iPod nano is not only good for music and podcasts… you can also use it to watch videos or movies (if you are really desperate) iPod nano does not support all the movie formats so you will have to convert the videos using some converter software and then transfer it to your iPod nano. Transferring is very simple, connect the iPod nano to PC or Mac and use iTunes to transfer the videos to iPod nano.

    Pros: music quality, color choices are available, built quality.
    Cons: no apps, no games, no FM tuner

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