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Apple released the latest in the iPod range in September 2008. The iPod Nano (4th Gen) is what we were all expecting from the newest member to the ipod family and it has not disappointed!

The new iPod Nano (already been labled "4th gen") has some really cool features that sets it apart from all the others. For instance, the new "curved" design makes it feel smaller than it actually is and this is the first iPod Nano to have the new Genius software allowing you to auto generate playlists according to your current mood. The shake to shuffle feature is also really, really cool and arenders the previous iPod shuffle redundant!

While the new iPod nano range have just been made available on the official Apple website for $149, you can buy a brand new 4th gen iPod nano much cheaper in other online stores.

What's best of all about this new iPod nano is the landscape viewing mode that can be used with the in built accelerometer (just like the ipod touch and iphone 3G) which finally allows you to watch vodeo on the nano! This is the absolute MUST HAVE ACCESSORY this summer and is without a doubt the best gifts you can buy for those who have everything.

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iPod Nano (4th Gen) Reviews (11)

  1. June 30, 2009 by laura

    I received my ipod as a Christmas gift from my doughter, it came with a pair of running shoes that had a chip in them, that would track my daily miles to my ipod nano. A winning combo, a wonderful gift.

  2. July 15, 2009 by Randall

    This is very close to what a perfect mp3 player should be in my opinion – it’s very portable and fits in the pocket nicely, can play music, video, podcasts, and games. There are some issues, even after upgrading the firmware, that needs me to reset the unit (this happens only rarely fortunately).

    I use it for podcasts and music mostly, I have the 8GB version so wish it would have more storage space (the 16GB version would solve this particular issue). I would like to have an integrated FM tuner also like the Zune, but I can live without that. Overall it’s a great little thing, I’m more than satisfied with it.

    Lots of features, very thin and portable

    a few issues, no FM tuner, not the best audio quality

  3. July 15, 2009 by Wilson O.

    This is my 3rd iPod, and in my opinion the best so far. I had the first shuffle, then the 2G Nano, but the storage space was not enough. The latest one is just great. It takes a bit to get used to it, the click wheel is quite small. It has a feature that activates when you shake the unit, it will shuffle the songs. This can be annoying sometimes when accidentally shaking it, but it can be disabled.

    It charges fast, but it looks like that the battery life is somwhat shorter than on previous generations. The game graphics are really great. A few times it happened that it does not want to play a song whatever I do, I still have no idea why. It’s design is great and it feels solid in the hand. It is very configurable and you can set it up to fit your needs perfectly.

    large screen, slim design, aluminum case, storage space, price

    smal click wheel, annoying tilt sensor, some songs won’t play

  4. August 22, 2009 by kerry

    this ipod nano is awesome. It has great features. It is the best ipod nano
    I love it,I hope I get one really soon

    big screen, great features, storage, slim style, price

    small click wheel

  5. November 3, 2009 by camero

    i recently lost my ipod and it really stunk but when i had it it was awesome!!!!!it has enough storage space for me and its very portable
    u dont get to have radio but thats fine just go to your car.lol.i think its the best ipod yet.

    it has good audio
    enough storage space
    lots of options

    it freezes rarely
    no radio

  6. December 1, 2009 by mary

    Great ipod. Very portable and great for working out with. Easy to download your favorite tunes to. Can also download and view pics.

    Great storage, small and compact, many great features

    Screen freezes up at times

  7. January 12, 2010 by Zach

    Rock solid ipod (not literaly) but fits every need i require, wanna watch a movie? done. wanna look at pics? done. wanna play a game? done. it does everything but surf the web and take pics LOVE IT

    It does nearly everything

    no camera

  8. June 11, 2010 by Savannah

    I had one butni lost it but there great it holds a lot of songs too so that’s pretty awesome I love it and I’m getting a new one

    Storage and audio


  9. September 11, 2010 by Bert


    The new iPod nano is better than the 3rd generation iPod nano, after looking at this new iPod nano the old one feels heavy and bulky. It is very slim almost as thin as a toothpick. The genius feature integration is very good as it makes intelligent playlists based on some the songs in your library and suggests song that you may like. You can easily the buy the music you like from the iTunes store and sync them to iPod nano.

    Pros: storage, audio quality, sleek looks
    Cons: costly, annoying tilt sensor, no apps

  10. September 11, 2010 by Ned


    The new iPod is a good music player for someone who listens to a lot of podcasts and use iTunes to manage all the podcasts. Just plug in your iPod and start iTunes and it will automatically sync all your podcasts and music to your iPod nano. But often the case is the music in your computer is more than the music your iPod nano can hold so you have to choose the music you want to put in your iPod nano

    Pros: sleek design, good audio quality, compact
    Cons: no camera, costly, no apps

  11. September 11, 2010 by Morgan


    iPod nano is a great music player, it is thin and portable and can be carried everywhere. It is a great device to have when you are working out, because of Nike integration; you can check out your workout stats which is very helpful. The genius recommendations is another great feature which recommends songs based on your library and listening habits, the recommendation were very good and I discovered a few songs which were very good because of it.

    Pros: good audio quality, genius feature, great design
    Cons: no camera, control wheel hard, no radio

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