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The latest Apple MacBook Air that conveniently fits into a manila envelope (whatever the hell that has to do with anything!) is the world's fastest selling Laptop to date...

While the macbook air does not have a DVD/CD drive, it is a big enough change in terms of size and performance to appease the apple fanboys/girls into parting with their hard earned cash for sake of owning the latest in "cool". The MacBook air comes in two flavors, one with a HDD and one with a solid state drive (no moving parts). While all apple products are expensive, finding a cheap macbook air does not have to be difficult. This older model of the Macbook Air is an excellent portable laptop, it's light and has a full sized keyboard to make sure that you can be productive on the go. The new range of Macbook Airs may be smaller and faster, but they're also much more expensive. The Macbook Air is not old enough to be a sluggish machine, the specs are still very impressive for such a portable device, check them out below. Picking up a great deal on an older model is a great decision if you're on a budget.

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MacBook Air Reviews (2)

  1. May 7, 2009 by Kent

    I have had 4 different Mac Air laptops the past 4 months. I struggled with the Mac system, but managed. All 4 laptops were in a different build-up. My present box has the 128 solid state drive, and is the best of them all. I am out of the States presently, so internet service is not great for anyone here where I am. The box seems to be very fast. More-so than the others by some margin. I have the SuperDrive dvd as well and it seems to be very good and easy to use. I have Windows Parallel installed also, as there are some applications I use which are not Mac compatible. I had a Mac Air previously, with Windows BootCamp. That was not nearly as easy to use as the Parallels. This box is beautiful and I get frequent compliments. My primary use is merely internet and email, so this is way more computer than I need. A $300 netbook would be capable of my needs. I just love the Mac Air and ‘needed’ one.

  2. May 4, 2010 by beyond borders

    Just got my first Air, the SSD version. I travel to far flung and remote places and I write. I just completed a year of doing just that and hauled a 4.7 lb. 12.1″ ibook G4 for what felt like 10’s of thousands of miles over some very rough territory. Now that all is said and done, I decided to make the next journey easier and get a light weight and solid state {no moving parts} computer. It would be nice if Apple had added one more USB port {for speakers+ the XHD}, but the superdrive isn’t entirely necessary.
I carry a 500 GB XHD and have a couple hundred DVD’s/movies and documentaries, plus audio books, books, interviews and files, tons of music and photographs, all in. So really why not carry an external hard drive with a wall worth of a library that you can hold in the palm of your hand, and then just plug it in to your Mac Air and travel like light. Since ease is possible, why not have it. I did it the other way, traveling heavy, with the 4.7 lb.+power inverter adn cord+DVD’s, not knowing then what I know now and I’ve only had my Mac Air for a few days and already I am taking it everywhere and my load is easier, and no DVD’s to tote either, like I hardly know I am carrying it, the MBA.
When I was in Asia, the Thai’s in the tech centers would laugh at me because I had a Mac and I would just quietly say, “You don’t know what you’re missing because a Mac is like Flying, a PC is like walking.”, and sometimes tripping, over viruses.
I just added that last observation in because I had a PC for a couple of years and to be honest, I hated that thing. We had a bad relationship, and it was mostly because of the viruses, and then having to run the anti virus software All the time. I made the switch and though Mac’s are expensive, of course, you pay for quality, and it is a pleasure actually to play, er I mean work on a Mac. It was engineered to be so user friendly. I cannot imagine ever going back. It would be like going to hell again. Yikes!

    The obvious, it so light. Then it’s very fast, and then there’s the fact that it gets no viruses.

    I am debating getting a polycarbon crystal case to protect it now, and a split USB port as it has only one USB port.

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