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The world's first Multi-Touch Mouse is here. Feeling a bit left out in the cold with your apple desktop ever since the new MacBooks have invaded with their revolutionary trackpads? Well, now you don't have to with the new Magic Mouse.

It connects to your Mac via bluetooth so it is very tidy and more efficient. You can check your battery level anytime in the mouse settings. The mouse is one big multi-touch sensor, much like the trackpad on the new MacBook. The entire surface of the mouse is a button, you can click anywhere. Move your finger horizontally to move oft or right and vertically to scroll down a web page or document. Not only can the Magic Mouse recognize this, it can also keep up with your momentum. This device can also recognize how many fingers you are using for different actions. Use two finger scrolling to browse through pages in your browser or through your music.

By holding down control on your keyboard, you can use your finger to zoom in on anything easily and efficiently. You can also use a 360° scroll for browsing photographs. If you're left-handed, you can set up your Magic Mouse to accommodate that for a much better computing experience. You can also customize your Magic Mouse to suit you personally by adjusting the tracking, scrolling and double-click speed.

At this great price, these won't stay around long. Click your way to a great new device now.

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Last updated: Friday, February 21, 2020

Apple Magic Mouse Reviews (5)

  1. August 8, 2010 by Jim

    Bluetooth Apple Magic Mouse is an exceptionally fine product. Compare with PC mice, these are priced competitvely.

    Pros: Apple design and quality.
    Works with OS X, Windows and Linux.
    Cons: Batteries, unfortunately it has to use them and they eventually need to be replaced.

  2. September 5, 2010 by James


    Even though this is a wireless Bluetooth mouse its tracking performance was surprisingly quite smooth. It is ok for surfing the net, or browsing your computer but I would advise against using Apple’s Magic mouse for gaming purposes. Its performance was quite consistent without using a mouse pad and even of on rough surfaces. Scrolling is ultra smooth in this mouse and even though you might miss the physical scroll button, the scroll method of magic mouse feels superior in some ways.

    Pros: great scrolling action, tracking is very smooth, looks very good.
    Cons: can’t rest hand on it, cannot use for gaming, swipe does not work well

  3. September 5, 2010 by Matt


    I like the design, feel and the texture of the magic mouse; and the concept of button-less, touch sensitive mouse seems really cool. But the tracking was a bit slow for my requirement. Many people don’t have this problem, it is most probably some software and/or hardware conflict problem. You can try out a third party free application called bettertouch tool and try to adjust the speed settings of the mouse. Bettertouch tool provides more tinkering options than the normal magic mouse settings.

    Pros: sleek looks, smooth scrolling, smooth metal sides.
    Cons: actions not smooth, difficult to hold, uncomfortable in hand,

  4. September 5, 2010 by Brooke


    The design of Apple’s magic mouse, even though it looks really cool, is not friendly. First, because the mouse is very low, resting your palm on it or wrapping your hand on out would hinder its performance. Unlike other mouse, Apple’s magic mouse has sharp edges which would further discourage holding it comfortably. The best way to hold it would be to hold it by its sides and not touch the top at all. If your hands are not properly dried, using this mouse can be hard because of friction.

    Pros: sleek design, fast scrolling, touch sensitive
    Cons: difficult to hold, swiping is hard, actions are not precise.

  5. October 27, 2010 by Fliders USA


    The Apple Magic Mouse is truly an innovation that the mouse world needed. By adding gestures to the user’s arsenal of input methods, Apple has improved the user experience of using a computer! While the Magic Mouse is amazing, we’ve managed to make it better with Fliders! Fliders are uniquely designed pads that affix to the bottom of the Magic Mouse. They attach directly to the black rails and make the mouse smoother and quieter, improving the user’s experience. Fliders are made exclusively for the Apple Magic Mouse, but also come pre-cut for the Apple Mighty Mouse. Fliders also come in a Universal kit to work with any brand or model optical mouse.

    Pros: As usual, Apple innovates again with the Apple Magic Mouse.
    Cons: You can’t use the Apple Magic Mouse to its full potential on a PC.

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