Cheap Pink 8GB (3rd Gen) iPod Nano

Cheapest pink ipod nano in Ireland
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A lot of people say the third generation iPod Nano is still their favorite and we've got some limited stock of the pink version- definitely one for the girlies! While there has been pink ipods and ipod nanos before, none have been the third generation nanos that play video! The 3rd generation holds a whopping 8GB, enough for more than 1000 hours of music should you need it.

The pink iPod nano comes with everything you need to get playing your MP3s and comes with a really cool wristband, headphones and plays video like her older brother, the classic ipod video. This cheap pink nano is perfect for listening to at the gym or watching the latest desperate housewives episode (can I say that?) on the bus to work.

Go on, treat yourself! If you're looking for the newer chromatic ipod nano, they are available too.

The pink 8GB nano has always been really popular. Go on, pick one up for yourself or a special lady in your life at this hot price while stocks last.

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Last updated: Friday, February 21, 2020

Pink 8GB (3rd Gen) iPod Nano Reviews (2)

  1. September 12, 2010 by Mandy


    This Pink iPod nano is obviously for girls. It has a nice glossy finish to it and feels smooth on hand. You should have the iTunes software installed in your PC or Mac operating system without which you would not be able to transfer music from computer to iPod nano. iTunes is required for anything you do with the iPod nano from transferring the music to upgrading the firmware. You should buy a cover for iPod nano otherwise it would get scratched.

    Pros: nice desing, good music quality, glossy color.
    Cons: no camera, no fm tuner, no apps.

  2. September 12, 2010 by Megan


    The new Pink iPod nano is really glossy and fees smooth in hand. Downloading videos, music and podcasts from iTunes is very simple and they can be then transferred to iPod nano easily. The player is very small and easy to carry even when you are jogging or working out. It has 8 GB of memory so you can put in all your favorite music in it without a problem and there would be still be space left for pictures and some videos.

    Pros: smooth design, sound quality, 8GB memory.
    Cons: has grown old now, old firmware, no apps.

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