Clamcase iPad 2 Keyboard Case

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Do you ever wish you could be a little bit more productive with your iPad? The iPad can be a very fun and useful device but have you ever thought "I'll wait until I get to a keyboard to write that up" even though you've had your iPad with you? With the Clamcase Keyboard Case, you can turn your iPad 2 into a netbook simply by clicking it into place in this cool gadget. The Clamcase is a light and portable case with a QWERTY keyboard and 14 function keys that access all the main features on your tablet so that it can be used as a productivity tool.

As the virtual keyboard takes up most of the screen on the iPad normally, you would be forgiven for not wanting to compose documents on the tablet. The Clamcase keyboard works by connecting via Bluetooth to the iPad and allows you to email, iMessage and compose documents much more easily than on the virtual keyboard. This is especially useful for students or anyone who brings their iPad to the office, conferences or meetings. The function keys on the keyboard provide access to home, lock, search, slideshow, volume and media controls.

When closed over, just like a laptop, the Clamcase gives the iPad great protection that you can carry around in your bag with the peace of mind that your tablet is safe. In a similar fashion the the Smart Cover, when the Clamcase closes shut, the iPad automatically goes to sleep. Having a case that is so versatile also means that you can flip the keyboard around and move the screen to the perfect angle for video viewing without you having to hold it up. With so much entertainment available on the iPad, there is the perfect position to set your Clamcase for any activity.

The Clamcase Keyboard Case is a very functional product for anyone who wants to increase the amount of productivity that you get from your iPad 2. Grab a great deal on a Clamcase here today.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Clamcase iPad 2 Keyboard Case Reviews (1)

  1. February 16, 2012 by Pamela

    I bought this case for my daughter for college. I was impressed with how sturdy it is, and how much protection it gives to the iPad. She uses it all the time, on the train, on the couch and says it’s great for classes. It makes the iPad seem like a little computer that’s very easy to transport around. Now I just have to get one for myself!

    Pros: Makes the iPad into a much more productive device.
    Cons: Adds some bulk to the tablet.

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