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It’s impossible to talk about the new iPhone 5 without making comparisons to its older fatter brother the iPhone 4S, and it’s not just about size. While the iPhone 5 is certainly taller, slimmer and lighter than the 4S, there are bigger differences than the improved weight/size and the slightly larger screen size.

The iPhone 5 is most definitely faster than the 4S, everything this phone does is faster and smoother, and it really benefits from the upgraded A6 processor, which supposedly makes everything on the iPhone 5 twice as fast as the 4S. While we've not tested this, it certainly feels that way to us, with both apps and webpages loading at lighting fast speeds. The A6 processor also brings a longer battery life and even better graphics performance.

The front facing camera on the iPhone 5 is now 720p, which makes Facetime calling much more enjoyable and crystal clear, not to mention making taking the occasional self portrait look ever better, no more pixilation on your Facebook profile picture. Unfortunately the main camera is the same as the 4S, so if you’re buying an iPhone primarily for photo taking and sharing online, you might want to stick with the now cheaper iPhone 4S. Both phones have a 8MP with flash, and both now use the latest iOS6 which has that incredible panoramic photo-taking mode, something that has been around for awhile through various apps, but none have ever been as good as this version of the technology. iOS6 allows you to take seriously stunning and seamless panoramic shots, beats all the apps hands down.

However, if you really want that upgrade, especially to improve your call quality, the iPhone 5 now has 3 microphones. One in the front, one in the back and one in the bottom. Voice memos sound clearer, and because the speakers have been improved your voice calls sound even better than ever, which really helps during Facetime conversations. The extra microphones also means far better noise cancellation and elimination.

One of the improvements that has received mixed feelings from Apple fans is the new lighting connector. While it has made the iPhone slimmer, and it’s great being able to plug it in any way you want into the iPhone, it’s a bit disappointing that all our old iPhone cables and other accessories no longer work (without a special adapter). However, we feel that this is a small price to pay for the big change in size for the iPhone 5. It’s something you can only really feel, you need to get this device into your hand and marvel at how gorgeous it is.

Right now we have limited supply of the unlocked iPhone 5, as it’s in great demand. Get yours today, and finally feel that beautiful iPhone 5 and how wonderfully it fits into the palm of your hand.

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Last updated: Saturday, April 4, 2020

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