Mac mini with Lion Server

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Have you got a small business, a group or a studio that you'd like to set up on a server to share and communicate information? Mac Mini with Lion server gives you all the benefits of a mac mini with the added extra of this fantastic Lion server. Setting up a server used to be a daunting task to many people. Mac mini with Lion Server makes this process so simple and user-friendly that anyone able to use a computer will find a stress free process. Not only is the Mac mini Lion Server effortless to set up, it is also very easy to manage by yourself. This cost effective solution is perfect for a small number of employees or group members to share files, collaborate on projects, maintain a group calendar, host your own website and mail server as well as backing all these important things up. If you want to find out how your server is performing, you can check up on that with the server application that will show you graphs to indicate performance as well as an overview of storage use, hardware configuration and access monitoring. You also have to option to set up email alerts to keep track of different server aspects on the Server app. The Server application is very powerful, giving you the control to manage users and set up access to many services including file sharing, organization of calendars, instant messaging, wikis, secure remote access and mail. With file sharing, you can set up access for certain users to collaborate on projects.

If you've had the trouble of trying to send out mass emails relying on your ISP host and other services, then Mail server will be a very welcome solution. You can use your own domain name to send out mail and you can set up push notifications for anyone in your group to receive incoming mail. iPad, iPhone and PC users have to option of accessing this data wherever they are on their own device, making Lion server even more convenient. With dual 500GB hard drives giving you a whopping 1 terabyte of storage space, this will be the best investment you make to your small business or group. The Mac mini with Lion Server is available here for an unbelievable price. We won't have these in stock for long so act now to avoid disappointment.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

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