Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac

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Did you recently switch to Mac? Are you missing many Microsoft Windows application that you used to use? You need Parallels Desktop application for Mac which is used by millions of people worldwide to run Windows application on their Mac computers. You don’t have to worry about switching back to Windows simply to use a few Windows applications that you were used to. Parallels Desktop 6 is an award-winning program that allows you to run Windows applications on your Mac.

You don’t even need to reboot your computer to start this application, which makes switching between Windows and OSX very seamless. There is also a Parallels mobile app that lets you access Windows applications on your Mac from iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It also lets you play your favorite games that were designed for a Windows operating system on your Mac computer. You don’t even have to worry about learning Windows keyboard shortcuts to run the application, simply use the Mac OS X shortcuts which you are familiar with to run any Windows applications easily.

Parallels Desktop has also been launched in 64 bit edition which lets you take advantage of all the capabilities that your 64 bit Mac operation system has to offer. You can now protect your data from being stolen by using encryption technology to encrypt your windows applications and when you buy Parallels Desktop 6 you will also receive complimentary anti-virus protection from Kaspersky for both your Windows and Mac operating system. This version of Parallels Desktop works faster than the previous versions also. It gives a 41% boost to Windows applications than the previous version and you can enjoy the 3D graphics nearly 40% faster than the previous version. Parallels Desktop is very easy to set up and use, after installing you can get your windows applications up and running in a manner of minutes. You can either move your existing Windows PC to Mac or install a fresh copy of Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 in just 3-clicks. Stop stressing and have the best of both worlds, buy Parallels Desktop 6 today.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

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