Unlocked 32GB iPhone 4

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Even though the iPhone 4S has been released, the iPhone 4 is nothing to sneer at. This phone is still hot, has a much better price tag than before and the only downside to the phone is still getting locked into a nasty contract. Why should you have to commit to only having one network choice? We don't think you should. That's why we've got the unlocked and contract free 32GB iPhone 4 on offer.

32GB will give you enough space for heaps of music, photos and video. With the HD video camera that is built into the iPhone 4, you'll need that bit extra. There is also a cheaper 16GB iPhone 4 available here. If you already have an older iPhone, you'll know just how accessible the camera is. Now you don't have to settle for a photo, you can take HD video easily and efficiently wherever you go. Watching back video on the iPhone 4 is a dream. With the new super high-res screen, you'll be blown away the the superb viewing quality. If you thought the iPhone 3Gs had a clear display then you haven't seen anything yet. There's an improved camera for stills and a new front facing camera for the increasingly popular 'Facetime' which allows you to video chat with other iPhone 4 users over Wi-Fi.

With all of these features, it's only natural that you will become protective of your iPhone 4. With reinforced casing made of glass and stainless steel, this device is ten times stronger than regular steel. This is certainly an improvement of the plastic casing of the iPhone 3G and 3GS but this new upgrade is even thinner too. At its thickest point, the handset is only 9.3mm making it 24% thinner than its predecessor. Now with multitasking, wallpapers and many new long awaited features, there's absolutely no reason not to upgrade to the iPhone 4. Get your 32GB unlocked handset at the very best price here, but hurry, they're selling out quickly.

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Last updated: Friday, April 10, 2020

Unlocked 32GB iPhone 4 Reviews (3)

  1. March 5, 2012 by dhruv


    iphone 4 is a revolution of smartphone world. it has 1 GHz processor, great graphics, the revolutionary retina display, which is world’s sharpest display, and low price. it’s bang for the buck. try one and you will never use a fake android.

    Pros: AppStore, 600000 apps
    1ghz processor
    retina display
    5mp hdr camera 5X zoom
    Cons: if you dont have an iphone….you dont have an iphone. no cons.

  2. January 31, 2013 by jack


    this is the best iphone

    Pros: has everything
    Cons: nothing

  3. April 9, 2013 by RAVE


    Why wast your time on the iPhone 4s the only differences is it has Suri.

    Cons: NOTHING

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