Canon ZR950 Mini DV Camcorder

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Looking for a Mini DV camcorder to record all your favorite memories? There are many advantages to purchasing a DV tape camcorder. For one, if you're out and about recording and you run out of space, you can replace the tape whereas you can't replace a hard drive on the HDD camcorders like the Sony HDR-SR11 Camcorder. You can also back catalouge your tapes and keep the raw footage. DV tapes are better quality than other camcorder memory, they are not as susceptible to vibration or altitude issues. The Canon ZR950 camera works with both PCs and Macs. You can hook up the camera via Firewire and view and edit your footage on your computer. The footage is captured in true Widescreen 16:9 video with crisp quality. It has an amazing 48 X optical zoom which allows you to capture action happening far away from you. No spying on the neighbors now!

Want to shoot in low light? No problem with the LCD video light function. Simply flip your LCD display toward the subjest you're filming and the LCD will softly illuminate your subject. The image stabilizer shoots still video even when you're zoomed in. A handy feature for those with shaky hands. If you don't want to miss any action, the Canon ZR950 has a Quick Start feature that puts the camcorder in standby so you can switch it back on instantly.

Most people that like shooting video appreciate still images also. With the use of the SDHC memory card slot, you can capture great photos while you're filming. This camcorder offers a huge selection of exposure modes including portrait, night, fireworks and sunset.

Don't let any more precious moments go by unrecorded, buy the Canon ZR950 camcorder today.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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