Contour GPS HD Camcorder

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Small and light video cameras that you can mount to your helmet, wrist, bike or just about anywhere have become extremely popper among extreme spot enthusiasts. The previous Contour and other sports cameras like the GoPro HD Hero 2 changed the way people were able to share their experiences in snow sports, surfing and biking. With the Contour GPS HD, high definition video is about to become even more personal. This new camera has a built-in GPS receiver that tracks your location with pinpoint accuracy and records your location, speed, and altitude. This means that you can watch back an interactive map of your experience using the including software and compare stats with friends.

The Contour GPS HD is an extremely small camera that captures full HD 1080p video. It weighs just 5.2 ounces and has a 135° wide-angle rotating lens that captures all the action no matter how extreme. Its minimal design makes it very easy to operate. It has an oversized switch that you slide forward to start recording. It is designed as such so that it is easy to find if you are wearing gloves and quick to locate when it's mounted on equipment or a vehicle.

The Contour GPS HD has a built-in omni-directional microphone that picks up the audio of your experience. There are three resolutions of video that you can choose from (1080p, 960p and 720p), two frame rates (30fps, 60 fps) and even a still photo mode. The camera uses micro SD card storage which can store hours of HD content. If you want need a sturdy camcorder for your wildest adventures, pick up a Contour GPS HD and start creating some great looking videos today.

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Last updated: Friday, November 22, 2019

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