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The Flip Ultra camcorder is super stylish and extremely simple to use. It has created quite a stir because of its ease of use, slim profile and the variety of colours to choose from. With four buttons, you can easily record, zoom, playback instantly or delete your videos. Even sharing footage is simple.

The Flip Ultra “flips” out to reveal a spring-loaded USB connection. Plug this arm into your computer, upload your videos easily using the software included and share your videos in minutes. Emailing your videos is easy. There’s even direct links that let you publish your videos up on YouTube and AOL video so sharing your videos with a large audience of family and friends via blogging or social networking is effortless. . A cable is included that allows you to connect your Flip straight to your TV also. The video software included doesn’t stop there though.  As for the design, there is a built in microphone at the front of the device long with a 2X digital zoom lens. You’ll find a 1.5 inch LCD screen around the back. All in all, a very stylish video camera.

You can get creative by making greeting cards, make movies and capture still photos from your footage. The internal memory of the Flip Ultra Camcorder holds up to 60 minutes of high quality video. If you're loking for a higher def video, Flip have also released the flip mino hd. The quality is on par with most other high definition camcorders and it's a steal!

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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