GoPro HD Helmet HERO

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Showing off your incredible extreme sports skills time and again can get pretty tiring, let alone it being dangerous to try recreate those unique moments. It’s why there is a growing popularity for high adrenaline extreme sports videos on Youtube. Not a day goes by where another amazing wingsuit flyby, skateboarding stunt video, high speed freeride down the side of a mountain and other awe-inspiring sports videos get posted and shared online.

So how exactly do these sky divers, skateboarders, motocross drivers, surfers, BMX bikers and other adventurers capture such amazing footage of themselves performing incredible feats of human athleticism and daring? They couldn’t possibly be using any kind of standard video equipment, it just wouldn’t be safe. Instead these daredevils use the exceptionally safe GoPro HD Helmet Hero to capture these amazing moments. The GoPro HD Helmet Hero is a professional grade full HD 1080p video camera that mounts to virtually all helmets. Yet despite being a professional grade HD Camera with a massive range of additional accessories included in the pack, the GoPro HD Helmet Hero still manages to have a consumer price tag, making it affordable as well as highly functional.

Included in the GoPro HD Helmet Hero pack is the HD Hero camera, featuring the industry’s widest angle (170º) and sharpest lens, and a shockpoof and waterproof camera housing. Allowing you to capture more of the scene, in greater detail and under the harshest conditions you can think of. The HD Hero Camera features gorgeous liquid smooth slow motion playback and can shoot photographs hands-free at per second intervals. It also has a built in microphone for capturing your shouts of triumph and screams of exhilaration, and can record up to 2.5 hours on a single charge and up to 9 hours total on a 32GB memory card. Creating for you, videos that are easily edited in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to be uploaded to YouTube. You also get a rechargeable battery, cables, a head strap mount and 6 different helmet mounts and an extra quick-release buckle. So whether you want to wear your HD Hero camera headlamp style, or laced through a strap mount on your vented helmet, or maybe you just want to stick it to your ride, GoPro have it covered. You literally get everything you could possibly need to get you started creating your very own professional looking action sports videos. If you buy the GoPro HD Helmet Hero today you and your friends can star as the main characters.

Though there are other HD camera options out there for cheaper, you certainly wouldn’t find us putting the delicate Flip UltraHD Camcorder through any kind of rough terrain, and especially wouldn’t trust it mounted precariously on a helmet, it’s just not designed for extreme sports, but the GoPro HD Helmet Hero is.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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