GoPro HD HERO Naked

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If you’re an adrenaline junkie that loves to show off, it makes sense that you should film your memorable exploits, be it to share with the Internet on YouTube or to create beautiful movies to show on your HDTV to your friends. There is no better way to create these videos than with a GoPro Wearable Camera like the GoPro HD HERO Naked. Developed to be used during extreme sports the HD Hero camera can shoot videos or photos from your point of view while via your helmet or chest mount, or mount it on your surfboard or motorcycle. The GoPro HD HERO Naked is compatible with all GoPro HERO camera mounting accessories, so you can capture your videos doing pretty much any sport, all captured hands free so you can stay focused on the action.

The GoPro HD HERO Naked shoots in multiple high definition resolutions. 1080p true HD for maximum clarity and realism. 960p which allows for maximum wide angle mode (170º) which is amazing during surfing, capturing you from head to toe, for all sports though this mode captures the most immersive video possible. A favourite of ours is 720p, which allows for slow motion cinema mode, which give you liquid smooth slow motion playback which will make you look amazingly talented busting your moves. You’ll even sound great too, with the built in mic taking in all your exhilarated whoops and screams. The GoPro HD HERO Naked doesn’t just do video though; it can also make hands free photography a reality capturing shots at second intervals, or via a single shot, triple or self timer mode, taking fantastic wide angle photos, even in low light.

This is a feature packed camera, but it can really handle the rough and tumble too. You can throw all you’ve got a this camera and it will cope, thanks to its polycarbonate housing and waterproof housing, protecting it from water, dust, dirt and shocks. It features a rechargeable 1100mAh lithium-ion battery with a lifespan of 2.5 hours and also has a built-in battery warmer to protect the power source from cold during extreme winter activities. Making it even more versatile and durable. There's a fantastic article on using the GoPro for skydiving here.

Surprisingly the GoPro HD HERO Naked has a consumer friendly price tag, and comes with a massive range of accessories in the pack too. Also included is one mount for attaching the camera to a helmet or other curved surface as well as the quick-release HD housing which protects the camera. Though there are cheaper HD pocket cameras out there, like the Flip UltraHD, all it will take is a little water or dirt to kill it for good. Pick up the GoPro HD HERO Naked now and take it out on your next adventure, you’ll be able to cherish the memories in glorious HD, looking better than you ever have before.

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Last updated: Friday, April 3, 2020

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