GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition

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The GoPro line of super tiny, super durable cameras have become a bit of an industry standard when it comes to sports and outdoor movie making. From surfing, sky diving and even doggie cams, GoPro videos are all over the internet right now and are deemed to become ever more ubiqitus with the launch of the brand new GoPro HD Hero2. A fully HD and fully overhauled GoPro that's even easier to use, but remains the same tiny size.

GoPro already tried their hand with HD, with the GoPro HD Motorsports HERO, but the GoPro HD Hero2 is packed with even more great features. The optics has been massively improved, and the Hero2 features a new glass lens that is even sharper and more durable than the old lens, so now even in low light situations the video from this tiny beast look exceptional. The GoPro HD HERO2's highest recording is 1080p, 30fps and widescreen 16:9, but there are a huge range of other video and still photo shooting modes.  Most of these modes can capture with the lens' full 170-degree wide-angle field of view which looks incredible, but you have the option to use 128-degree or 90-degree instead too, for versatility.

Anyone that has used a GoPro before will tell you that they are a little difficult to use, because their tiny sizes means not very many buttons, and a tiny screen if you have the LCD BacPac, but the HD Hero2 is so much easier to use, the user interface has been completely updated and overhauled. Thankfully when it comes to the form factor of the HD HERO2 the guys at GoPro have not changed much, so any accessories such as the waterproof cases or the GoPro LCD BacPac purchased for use with the original GoPro Hero 1 will still work.

Other features include the addition of an LED light on all four sides, so now you'll always know if it's recording no matter what angle you're at.  It also now has a 3.5mm stero external mic input, and integrated battery warmer that enables long battery life in cold temperatures. They've even added a Mini-HDMI port. Included in the outdoor edition is a waterproof housing, battery, head strap, 4 adhesive Mounts and a three way pivot arm. Everything you need to get your started creating your own outdoor videos.

GoPro refer to the GoPro HD HERO2 as their professional edition camera and there is no competition when it comes to video quality for outdoor and extreme use. Get yours now while they're still in stock.

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Last updated: Friday, February 21, 2020

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