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It’s about time that Sony got into the action camera market. While they've tried to cash in on the popularity of v-logging and hand held video with the Sony Bloggie, nothing has come close to competing with small rugged cameras like the GoPro HD HERO2 or the Contour GPS HD.

The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 has been designed to do just that, but coming in smaller and lighter than most of its competitors. This tiny Wi-Fi-equipped HDR-AS15 can shoot full 1080p HD video and has stunning low light sensitivity, as well as that it takes 16 megapixel photos, all in practically any weather condition in its included waterproof case. Also included are a rechargeable battery and a number of adhesive mounts. Weighing less than 90 grams (with battery) and featuring an ultra wide angle Carl Zeiss lens, this tiny camera can capture a gorgeous 170 degree field of view, but you also have the 120° option too.

The Action Cam has five different video modes, including 60p and 120p slow motion modes (at 720p resolution). This ability to shoot 720p footage at 120 fps is a real stand out feature of the Action Cam, as this makes it a superb option for anyone who wants super high quality slow motion footage. Some other cool extras are the standard tripod mount on the bottom of the camera case, something really lacking in other rugged cams, there’s also a stereo microphone and HDMI port to display your footage on a HDTV. Recording is controlled using a large start/stop button, which is really easy to use, even when the camera is in its case and even when you’re wearing gloves.

Unlike other rugged cams, the HDR-AS15 has Wi-Fi built in, this means that you can view and transfer footage, as well as control the camera itself via an iOS app (or Android). This is great when you want to change the camera’s settings but don’t want to take it out of its housing. The iOS app, called PlayMemories, also lets you view what the camera is seeing in real time.

The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 benefits from Sony’s usual quality build and their celebrated Carl Zeiss range of lenses, it’s easy to use and the footage is simply stunning (especially on the slow motion setting). This camera is definitely going to compete strongly with the GoPro range, get yours here today.

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Last updated: Saturday, April 4, 2020

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 Reviews (2)

  1. December 3, 2012 by Manuel Gregorio


    Is the the cam that comes with the wifi?? I think there are two. I used my friends last week at the skate park and it was seriously cool. I’ve used these kinds of cams before – but thought the contour was pretty shit. I just found it annoying when I was skating. We made an epic slo mo film, appaz you can upload it to their tumblr? http://weekendliveson.tumblr.com/

    Pros: What did you find were the pros of this product?
    Cons: What did you find were the cons of this product?

  2. December 4, 2012 by Brody


    This is a sweet little cam! Got it as a birthday present from my girlfriend a couple of months ago and haven’t put it down. Been using it to film my skating and surfing and been getting some awesome results. Slowmo is top notch as is the image stabilisation.

    What I’m loving though is that I can use it on those long days when we surf all the way through to sunset. The low-light footage is pretty damn amazing and I haven’t found anything close in any other sports/action cams. Check out this Tumblr to see what I’m talking about: http://bit.ly/wkndliveson. Highly recommend this camera! I love it!

    Pros: Small and light, great image stabilisation & slowmo, low-light is awesome!
    Cons: Occasional fogging in underwater casing – there’s an accessory for this though.

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