Canon powershot A590 IS

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The Canon Powershot a590 is has arrived with more possibilities than ever before. This device is packed with a DIGIC III Image Processor, 8-megapixels and a 4 X optical zoom. You can get nice and close to achieve natural looking snaps with this great lens.

The battery life on the a590 is extremely impressive lasting for up to 450 shots on a single charge. Best of all, if your rechargeable batteries die when you’re out and about, you can use any retail AA batteries in their place. This saves you having to buy an extra battery in times of heavy usage. This camera allows you to be flexible. You can take control of the shooting by using manual functions including program, aperture priority and shutter priority modes. You can even add telephoto or wide-angle lenses for ultimate creativity.

If  The Canon Powershot a590is is not for you and you prefer the camera to take control, it has all the standard auto features and even a new “easy mode” which takes total control for you. Whatever way you like to take photographs, you can be sure that they will be in focus, crisp and clear because of Canon’s Face Detection technology.

As fast as the shutter speed is on this little wonder, Canon have also included Motion Detection technology to reduce blur. This is great for photographing sporting events, small children and animals that tend to move quickly.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

Canon powershot A590 IS Reviews (4)

  1. June 5, 2009 by Heather Ream

    This was the camera I had before last (before I dropped it down teh stairs of the bus). This camera takes the BEST pictures out of all teh point and click cameras that I have ever owned HOWEVER, it’s WAY too big to be carrying around in your handbag (if your a girl). I’d reccmomend an exilm if you are short on space, if not, I’d certainly consider teh canon a590.

    The zoom is pretty decent and if I was going to buy one again, it would be as a gift for my father. Lots of features, a little chunky and big buttons, perfect for him

  2. June 5, 2009 by Eamon Ryan

    I have to agree about the size, it’s a little clunky but the picture quality out of the 590 is is AMAZING, much better than all other Canon ones I’ve tried. I dropped mine twice and there was never an issues. Its a little tank!

    The image stabalization is waht really makes this camera great I think. Its professional level, really works well. I still use this camera when I go to the beach as the white leveling is automatic (most people dont even know what that means) and makes for really great high light photos.

    I have two cameras at the moment, this one and a DSLR.

  3. July 16, 2009 by Alex Evans

    This is my second digital camera, the first one was an 1MP Kodak from 2000. This new one has 8MP and superb features. It’s not an upgrade for me, but a completely different world. The photos are clear and colorful right out of the camera, they rarely need post processing. The autofocus is fast and accurate, there a few focus modes to select from.It has a lot of manual controls that allows to play with the aperture and exposure settings.

    What I don’t like about it is the plastic tripod mount and zooming is a bit noisy. I have a 2GB memory card in it and I never ran out of space, even when shot a few small videos.

    The battery life is excellent, it can take hundreds of photos with a single charge. The overall quality and the features make this small camera a very decent buy.

    features, usability, SD card, battery life

    plastic tripod mount, noisy zoom

  4. July 16, 2009 by Rhonda

    This camera is worth to buy, a point and shoot camera with lots of features and excellent quality. None of my previous digital cameras compare to the Canon quality. Indors or outdoors, poor lighting conditions – no proplems for this little guy. The IS works great, I cannot believe that the photos aren’t blurry indoors without flash most of the time.
    It’s size is perfect, it has a very good grip, it fits in your hand well and it is comfortable to use for extended periods of time. The design is similar to the other Canon compacts out there. It has a wide scale of preset modes and a lot of manual settings if you want to do some advanced photography.

    The only thing I don’t like about it that when using flash, it takes a good 5 seconds to charge up, this is probably because of it is using only two batteries.

    Overall I’m very impressed with this camera, already took around 2000 photos and had no issues at all.

    price, features

    flash charging time

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