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Compact size, impressive design and sturdy build quality are just a few things you can expect from the Canon SD1000. The 7-megapixel SD1000 features a standard 3x optical zoom with a 35mm equivalent focal range of 35-105mm, a 2.5-inch LCD that delivers 230,000 pixels of resolution.

A great find in cameras this size, it also has an optical viewfinder. For dust prevention the SD1000 has a tiny built-in lens cover. You’ll be glad of this if you’re carrying it around in your pocket or around your neck!

Canon has one of the most responsive and accurate Face Detection technologies on the market to date. It recognizes multiple faces (not just the closet object) and helps optimize the focus, exposure and flash to guarantee the best possible results from your shot.

A new on-demand Auto ISO Shift feature bumps the light sensitivity up to a maximum of 800 with a simple push of a button.

The “Red-eye Correction” feature helps to detect and correct red-eye during playback mode. Images can also be corrected manually while viewing photos on the LCD screen in playback mode. The canon SD100’s eye catching design is available in black on silver or silver on silver.

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Canon Powershot SD1000 Reviews (2)

  1. July 20, 2009 by Lisa

    Before I got this camera, I read many reviews and everybody seemed to love the SD1000. It looks like the camera is really that good, but only when it is new.

    I have had my camera for more than a year, the picture quality has been good, but not great. Not enough good to make quality prints. The flash was pretty weak, the face detection feature and focusing worked mostly ok. The video quality was pretty good. It was good that it is pocket friendly and I could carry it everywhere just like a cell phone. The LCD display was pretty good too.

    When the warranty period ended, the camera started to behave weirdly, some of the functions stopped working correctly like the zoom buttons and flash, sometimes it was ok though until the camera died on me completely.

    After this bad experience with Canon I’ll certanly choose another brand this time, looking for a decent Nikon or Fujifilm now.

    Small size, weight, large display

    build quality, durability

  2. July 20, 2009 by Roberto F.

    I am an amateur photographer and I had many cameras in the past. I wanted an ultracompact camera also that I can carry always anywhere and the SD1000 is perfect for this purpose. The price is good, the photos are excellent, movie mode is great. The focus and the zoom works great and the camera is very fast, starts up in less than 1 second. Pretty impressive.

    I really love when I can connect a camera to the computer and it appears like a disk drive there. Unfortunately I wasn’t able do to that with the Canon, I tried everything. So I got a Kingston card reader and that solved all these issues.

    I think that this camera worth the money I paid for it, it works really well, I would highly recommend it.

    focusing, display, zoom

    battery life short

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