Disney Princess Pix Micro Digital Camera

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Do you have a child that loves to play with your pricey digital camera? Why not buy them a cheap digital camera of their own? The Disney Princess Pix Micro camera is a plastic camera mainly aimed at little girls who like to take photographs. Disney has designed these Disney Princess cameras on the themes to be made of hard pink plastic with a cute girly design on it. The Disney Princess Pix Micro Camera is one of the best gifts that you can give to your kid – and it will give your digital camera or camera phone a much appreciated break too.

The Disney Princess camera lets kids explore their creative side – they can take dozens of photos and shoot small movie clips. This is a point and shoot camera, it is very simple to use – they just have to point and click to make lots of fun memories. They will be able to instantly see their picture results and share the photos with their friends and family too. The camera requires just one AAA battery to power up so you won't have to spend a fortune on new batteries. This camera is designed for kids, so although it's plastic, it is still very durable and will not break easily.

The camera comes with a software CD that you have to install onto your computer so that you can get the photos off the camera. This software is only compatible with PCs at the moment, so if you have a Mac, you might have some trouble with this. The camera has a 640x480 VGA resolution with Status LCD display and the memory card holds up to 40 photos. There is also a colorful USB cable and a wrist strap included so that the camera is easer to keep a hold of. The photos from this camera can be used on Creativity Book. This is a really fun way for kids to interact with the photos they have taken. They can have great fun for hours decorating the creative book with their photos, coloring it and making it their own.

Take the stress of your own digital camera and buy the Disney Princess Pix Micro Digital Camera at a great sale price here today.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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