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cheapest Kodak Dual Lens digital camera in Ireland
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This is the perfect camera for those who like taking group shots and landscapes. Fitting everyone in the photo will never be a problem again with the Kodak Dual Lens. Panoramic shots turn out wonderful on this camera and with 5 Megapixels, you'll never need another pixel again!
The Kodak dual lens is unique as it can go from a wide 23mm to a 117mm without a protruding lens. That’s the equivalent of a 5 X optical zoom lens which makes the Kodak dual Lens camera ideal for wide angle shots. Your photos will have some very interesting effects as a result.  The camera includes distortion correction to compensate for ultra wide angle fish-eye effects and this feature can be turned on or off, depending on how creative you are feeling.

To start taking photos with a creative edge, pick up a great deal on the Kodak Dual Lens from below.

The camera itself is small, thin and light. It is less than an inch thin and perfect for travelling. The LCD on the V570 is bright and large at 2.5 inches. It produces clear, sharp images and the colour quality is great. The video quality on this camera is also very good and allows you to use the zoom when filming. There are Twenty-two scene modes to help you get the most from your camera as well as automatic red-eye reduction, on-camera cropping and picture blur alert.

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Kodak Dual Lens Digital Camera Reviews (2)

  1. July 17, 2009 by Stefan

    If you want a perfect pocket friendly camera that gives you flexibility and makes great images, don’t look any further. It is very fast and it has a lot of options. The presets are working very well.

    The biggest feature of this camera is the panorama mode, it is just amazing. You can easily create 180 degree photos, the image stabilization makes sure that you’ll get no blurry photos without using a tripod. The design of the camera is very unique, a lot of people asked me what camera is it, it must look strange with the 2 lenses for someone who sees it at the first time. Overally a great little camera loaded with features that you can hardly find on any other camera. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a camera that can take everywhere to produce some great shots.

    picture quality, size, style, panorama mode, speed

    tiny zoom button

  2. July 17, 2009 by Andrew

    I had this camera, but I got rid of it quickly because there were too many things I disliked. What I liked about it it’s compact size and the wide angle pictures it can take. But the rest if it is not that great. The LCD was grainy, it looked like a permanent noise. When recording videos and using the zoom in the same time it can be heard very well in the recorded movie. Some parts of the case looks unfinished, like the memory card door. I found the flash to be quite weak. It happened numerous times that I put my finger accidentally in the front of the lens when took a picture. The zoom button is not easy to use. The battery life was too short. The photo quality is good, but there is a noticeable distortion when using the wide angle lens.

    Overally, if you want a regular and wide angle lens camera in one this is for you. But I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, it has so many things that need to be improved, I considered this as a beta version of an inovation, that’s next version might work better.

    size, wide angle photos

    hard to operate zoom, grainy screen, loud zoom while recording

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