Lytro Light Field Digital Camera

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Finally make focus errors a thing of the past, with the incredible Lytro Light Field Digital Camera. With the Lytro you can now focus after you have taken your photo, a truly revolutionary idea. With each click of this beautiful camera's shutter you will potentially be taking a series of pictures with different focus points, you'll no longer be taking just one photo. Just imagine the endless possibilities. 

You can export your Lytro pictures to a set of JPGs photos, or create "living pictures" that can be endlessly refocused by clicking on different elements of the scene. Only through the Lytro Living Picture Gallery can you truly see the potential of this breakthrough and one of a kind piece of camera technology. There has never before been a camera quite like it.

The design of the body of the Lytro is as unconventional as the technology inside, 8x optical zoom and f/2.0 lens, and with it's bold contours it fits perfectly in your hand or pocket, but don't be surprised if people passersby ask "Is that a camera?!". It's small perfectly sized touchscreen, that reminded us of an iPod Nano, is accompanied by an on/off button, a shutter button and a zoom slider, all you need do is stroke this camera lovingly at it will zoom smoothly toward your subject.

The camera has two modes: Everyday mode, which allows refocusing across the entire scene and Creative mode, which allows the refocusability to be concentrated around your subject. Refocusability is similar to depth-of-field, and is how Lytro explains the ability to focus after you've taken your photo. It's not surprising that they've had to make up their own language to explain this brand new technology.

With no need to autofocus, the Lytro camera has no shutter delays and can perform well in low-light conditions, without need for a flash. Stay ahead of the curve, pick up a Lytro camera before they sell out again.

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Last updated: Friday, April 3, 2020

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