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The Nikon D300 is a 12.3 megapixel SLR with a DX-format CMOS sensor which is Nikon's exclusive digital image processing system. It is hugely powerful and even has a 3.0-inch LiveView LCD display which is rare on an SLR.

It has a Self-cleaning sensor unit as well as an EXPEED Image Processing System. This allows the D300 to take photos at lightning speed- it is capable of shooting six frames per second and with a 45 millisecond shutter release lag time; you’ll never miss a moment again.

The build quality is fantastic- it looks and feels extremely sturdy as it is made from magnesium alloy. This provides it with better protection against everyday wear and tear and weather damage. The controls are very intuitive and allow you to quickly change your shooting preferences. The photos produced are razor sharp while retaining beautiful skin tones and bold colour.  However the D300 is not for the faint hearted.

There are no cheat modes on this guy, not even the fateful “auto” button. It will however, adjust your ISO and even find detail in the shadows you photograph. If the Nikon D80 or even the bigger brother, the D90 is not for you, this will certainly wet your apetite. Overall, the Nikon D300 is a powerful piece of kit and an ideal upgrade to a professional camera. Pro cameras can be very pricey in high street shops so pick one up below at a discount price.

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Nikon D300 Digital SLR Reviews (3)

  1. July 16, 2009 by KLphoto

    Excellent camera. The shadows and highlight correction is an excellent feature, the difference is clearly visible if you try with and without it. The ISO sensitivity is better than on previous models what makes it more usable in low light conditions.

    Another great thing is the customizable menu system, you can set what features you want to access quickly. The 12MP CMOS sensor is more than enough to make larger prints also, the pictures are incredible detailed. This is not an entry level DSLR, so it requires some experience to get the most out of it, but who is familiar with photography will easily make amazing photos with it.

    The LCD screen is excellent, the look and feel of the camera is outstanding. If you want a great camera, go for this one.

    Colors, shadows and highlight correction

    hmm, it’s price

  2. July 16, 2009 by Frenky

    This camera is great! It has no shutter lag at all, can take 7 photos per second in burst mode, up to 100 frames.
    The camera’s true strength is shooting in low light situations – even using high ISO settings like 3200 the noise is almost not visible. You can use it in daylight also to achieve very fast shutter speeds like 1/8000, I was able to freeze a helicopter rotor using this method.

    It also has a CMOS sensor cleaning feature, I tried it and it works well. The battery life is quite good and the controls are easy to use. The camera is amazingly well built as you expect from Nikon, I shot with it thousands of photos already and I have no complaints at all. The live view is still isn’t like on the compacts, but hey, this is a DSLR.

    low noise at high ISO settings, battery life, controls

    live view

  3. January 3, 2011 by Mia


    This camera is incredible. Take a look at some photos all shot with this camera.

    Pros: It takes amazing images.
    Cons: The price.

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