Polaroid Z2300 10MP Digital Instant Print Camera

photo of the white Polaroid Z2300 10mp digital instant camera
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As much as we all love our digital cameras there’s a reason why the classic Polaroid SX-70 Film Camera is much loved and admired. There’s just something wonderful about the ability to print out an instant memento. With the introduction of digital photography though, Polaroid film cameras fell out of fashion. Polaroid had stopped making cameras back in 2008 and started concentrating on other products, such as the adorable Polaroid PoGo inkless printer.

The PoGo is an inkless printer that produces small photos sent over Bluetooth from your cellphone or computer, the revolutionary thing about PoGo was that it didn’t require any ink. The PoGo was a great concept but suffered from being non-compatible with iOS devices (and other smartphones) and never found the popularity that Polaroid had hoped for. Other companies like Fuji have tried to revive our love of instant film cameras with the likes of the FUJI instax mini, but it never really quite caught on.

The solution to the issues with the PoGo is simple – combine this wonderful inkless photo printing technology with a digital camera! So this is how the Polaroid Z2300 was born. The Z2300 is a 10-megapixel camera that prints out pictures right from the camera. It has a built-in 3inch display, photo editing options and even video recording capabilities. The Z2300 is a capable compact camera, but the printer attached is no novelty.

It takes less than 60 seconds to shoot a photo and print it out, and it comes out fully developed - no more shaking it like a Polaroid picture! These aren't just small photos; the photo paper is smudge proof, water resistant and has an adhesive back if you want to turn it into a sticker. The photo editing options on this camera almost turn it into an Instagram camera. You can add lots of different color effects, even add some fun borders to your pictures, as well as crop and remove red-eye.

These little photos are fantastic for arts and crafts projects like scrap booking, or putting together party albums. If you’re someone who misses the old Polaroid camera or just someone who enjoys creative projects or wants a fun way to capture instant physical mementos, then the Polaroid Z2300 is for you. Buy yours here instantly today, to start capturing those memories now.

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Last updated: Friday, April 10, 2020

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