Sony CyberShot DSC T70 8.1 MP

cheapest Sony Cybershot DSC T70 in Ireland
Our Price: $97

This 8-megapixel beauty comes with a 3-inch LCD touch-panel, a 3X  zoom lens and Carl Zeiss optics. There are four colours to choose from- black, white, silver and pink. Great results are guaranteed every photo as Sony’s Clear RAW ™ noise reduction technology is designed to reduce noise even in low-light settings.

Sony’s Super Steady Shot® optical image stabilization works to reduce camera shake and eliminate blur. The Cybershot DSC T70 also comes loaded with the “smile shutter” function which automatically takes a shot once it detects the photo subject smiling. This is especially useful when it comes to photographing young children. Other great features that come with this camera include face detection technology, red eye retouch and image stabilisation.
Overall, a great camera with the most up to date features for producing high quality shots. Get one at a nice price here.

There is a ISO of up to 3200 which means you can take photos at fast shutter speeds without running the risk of your pictures being too dark or the flash washing out your images. Shooting times are very impressive also. There is a great response time- once you slide down the lens cover the camera is ready to go in less than a second. You’ll never miss a great shot again as a result of shutter lag. While the Sony CyberShot DSC T70 is no Nikon D80 or indeed a Canon EOS 450, this is the the best quality camera you'll find that's not a DSLR.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sony CyberShot DSC T70 8.1 MP Reviews (2)

  1. July 20, 2009 by Christina C.

    I had Canons before I got this Sony. I thought it’s time to try something diferent. Well, it is pretty different. I compared the photos it takes to the ones taken with my Canons, and the quality is far inferior. All of them look like they are a bit out of focus, and the colors are not that impressive. It does not give the sharp colorful photos like the Canons.

    I like the dimensions and the look and feel of the camera, it has a nice touch screen also. This camera is for the beginners, it has almost no manual controls. The flash is good, it works well indoors.

    It is an entry level point and shot camera for beginners, I wish the photo quality was better, this way I think that I will return it and I’ll buy a Canon again.

    dimensions, menu system, good flash

    image quality, lack of manual controls

  2. July 20, 2009 by Ronald

    Not bad for the price. I wanted to buy a camera in this price range and this size and this one looked as the best offer. The camera feels solid in hand. It has a slide mechanism that is well designed and doesn’t look like it would fell apart easily.

    The photos are excellent, inside, outside, macros, low light conditions – this camera will do the job, it will produce satisfactory results. The focus is good, quite quick and accurate. I have already made hundreds of photos with it and most of them came out really great. I couln’t be happier, great value for the money!

    A few words about the interface and the menu system – overally it is designed good, except that the touch screen could be more sensitive – sometimes it requires me to press it a bit harder. When you want to make changes in the settings the camera will require you to confirm every step, which can be a bit annoying, but I got used to this quite quickly. These would be the only cons about this camera, the rest of it is superb, so if you can live with these small disadvantages this is the camera that will make you happy.

    large display, picture quality

    touch screen sensitivity low, only a few manual settings.

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