Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We get a lot of emails every day. A lot. Sometimes it takes us a while to reply. To save you some time and so you don't have to wait for a reply, we've created a list of the most common frequently asked questions we receive by email.

Why is so cheap?

In the world of Wall Marts and Costcos, Wallgreens and Sears it is damn near impossible for a startup to compete with the big guys on price. In fact, it is impossible. A company started on less than 10 million dollars cannot possibly buy in stock in bulk large enough to get the prices down to compete. So we're trying something different. We're offering the worlds most popular consumer electronics at wholesale and often below wholesale and sometimes taking a loss. Why? Because we believe that if we take the time to provide you fantastic customer service, a great price and free shipping, you'll come back to us for more. And by more, we mean the accessories for your digital camera, the games for your game console and the headphones for your iPod. These are the products that retailers make the most money on and we are no different.

Why Do You Advertise Your Competitors On Your Site?

According to a study by the e-tailing group on consumer comparison shopping, they have discovered that:

  • 63% of consumers say they would like to see competitors’ prices on a retailer’s site
  • 78% would likely return to a site that shows competitors’ prices
  • 36% would be “much more loyal” to a retailer who displays price comparison

As we have mentioned before, this is exactly in line with what we are trying to achieve. We absolutely cannot make a profit on the extremely slim margins of consumer electronics so we need 100% of our customers to fall into the above categories.  Make sense? It's also important to be completely transparent, we get paid a tiny percentage of the order if you buy from one of our listed competitors, that's why we are honest about it and added "(Sponsored Links)" to those listings even though it has been proven to reduce our order volume slightly.

Is A Scam?

Most certainly not. We've made mistakes and we've learned some valuable lessons (We've priced items incorrectly last year and refunded absolutely every single one of our customers) but we have certainly never ripped anyone off. You find us an unhappy customer an we'll buy you a steak.

Do You Offer Drop Shipping Or Bulk Orders?

No. Because of our radically different business model, we limit orders to two items per person. We are not wholesalers and we cannot ship more than 2 of the same item or more than 4 items to one customer in any given month (except for high markup items/accessories which we encourage customers to purchase for their larger products). Previous customers are however welcome to order as many items under $20 and an increasing number of any other larger items depending on how many times they have purchased. Everything starting to make sense? See how we're different?

Why Do You Only Accept PayPal?

Because we have a verified business account with them, our large volume makes it cheaper than a merchant account and our customers can avail of PayPal's dispute policy. No company can hide behind PayPal and their policies always side with the customer in the case of a dispute.

Add Your Products New, Used Or Refurbished?

All of our products are brand new, unopened and in their original packaging. We do have some used and refurbished items available but we have linked these to our eBay store. NO PRODUCT sold directly on our site is used or refurbished. We do however have a refurbished section and a used/swap shop section that members/existing customers can access only.

Why Are Cell Phones More Expensive?

The majority of cell phones in the entire world are a lot cheaper because they are subsidized by the carrier/cell phone company. Our phones are NOT locked into any company, contract or data plan. All of our cell phones are completely factory unlocked which means that you can use them on any cell phone network that YOU choose. We don't have deals with any carrier and we think that you the customer should be able to leave a cellphone company if their service is terrible and you should be able to take your cell phone of choice with you.

Are Your Products Real Or Cheap Chinese Knock-Offs?

All of our products are genuine, factory sealed (or refurbished when clearly marked as such). We do not sell Chinese knock-offs or counterfeit goods. We wouldn't last very long if we did!

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Unfortunately, that depends. All our products are standard UPS shipping. Please see our shipping details page for details on how to track your package. In order to maintain our low prices, we do not ship daily and we ship via standard shipping which can take up to 13 days. It's the price you pay for cheaper goods.

I've Read Some Bad Reviews About You Online, What Gives?

You've read some bad reviews? Guess what? So have we! Unfortunately, we've had some problems in the past. On one occasion we priced every item on our site incorrectly. We were going to let the orders through and take a hit (and possibly get some good publicity out of it) but we did the calculations and we would have been out of business pretty quickly. While we did honor about 10% of those orders, we refunded absolutely everyone else. On another occasion, we had incorrect information in the global  website registration database (whois). Unfortunately, this caused a lot of the self appointed "Internet Police" who in most cases do a great job to jump all over it. This has since been corrected.

In the past few months, we've also seemed to upset a lot of our competitors who don't seem to be able to keep up with our low prices or are failing to innovate with their business models. These competitors are leaving libelous remarks and outright lies on the "usual suspect" review websites. In all cases that we are aware of where we can issue a public reply, we have offered each "complainant" a refund of twice their order value, no questions asked if they can simply provide an order number or even proof of purchase. Not a single one of these liars has been able to do so. We'll let you be the judge of that so.

Is There Some Sort Of Catch?

Nope. But we rely heavily on our customers spreading the good word for us to be able to be around in 12 months time. Each order comes with details on how to help provide online reviews and spread the good word. Although not required at all, we do very much encourage it.

Why Do I get A "Fatal Failure" Message When I Go To Check Out?

A lot of our time is spent trying to filter out fraudulent orders. As such, we have implemented IP address checking on all orders before we take payment. If our system detects you are making an order from an unauthorized country (Please see our now limited list of authorized countries here) it will produce this error. However, sometimes we get it wrong. If you are receiving this message and are ordering from an authorized country, please contact us. We are constantly trying to improve our systems.

Why Do You Take So Long To Reply To Emails And Phone Calls?

As above, a lot of our time is spent fighting fraud and as we are a new(ish) company, we are very understaffed. We are aware of this problem and apologize for the delays getting back to you. We are working on a new pre-sales and after sales support forum where we can offer dedicated support without having to wait for a call back. This should be released soon and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience.

Why Is Your Product Range So Limited?

If you take a look at the "Why is so cheap?" section above, you will see that we cannot possibly buy in every item in existence. We're not Amazon so we only buy in stock that we know will sell and sell fast. As mentioned also, we try to buy in stock/items that have accessories. While we would love to have millions of units of stock, as a small startup with a risky business model, this is not something we can do right now. This is where we make our money and this is how we save you money.

What Warranty Comes With Your Products & Do You Offer Extended Warranties?

All of our products come with the standard 12 month manufacturer warranty. If you have a problem with your product, simply send it back and we will take care of it and replace it for you. We do not offer extended warranties. You can go with a company like Square Trade for your warranty but be aware that many of you will have some form of extended warranty coverage that comes with your credit card. Call your bank or card issuer to find out. However, before you purchase an extended warranty, you might want to check if you really need one or read this article that explains why you don't actually need one.