Alpine iDA-X305 Radio/Digital player

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It used to be tape decks that were old news in a car, now it’s a CD player that’s useless. Who wants to carry around a clutter of CDs when all your favorite music is on your iPhone or iPod? The Alpine iDA-X305 is a fantastic radio media player that will replace your CD player and instead provide you with access to your music player into your car radio. Not only can you hear all the tunes from your iPod, but you can control it too, with a glorious color menu displayed on your car radio just like an iPod interface.

One thing that you will immediately notice about the X305 interface is the control knob with sits on the left side of the device’s front side. This control knob is called “Double Action Encoder” by Alpine. This knob can be twisted to perform actions like adjusting the volume or navigating the menu options and selecting media. It is really like the scroll wheel on the iPod Classic. To select a media item, you just press the large enter button on the centre of the knob. You can easily reverse through the menu by using the back button which is located on the left side of the control Knob. If you press on the outer ring of the control knob you will get QuickSearch. In QuickSearch you can chose between either Percentage search (which jumps to a specific part of a list in 10 per cent increments) or Alphabet search (which jumps through a list in order of initial letter). You can access your playlists and search by artist or album, just like you are familiar with on your iPod.

On the right side of the control knob is the 2.2 inch TFT screen with full color display. It shows menu information and album artwork in an iPod style interface. The entire faceplate is backlit in cool blue light; or you can change it to red too. Both the colors give this device a really cool look, like a retro juke box. There is a phone button that answers incoming calls or activates voice-activated dialling when the device is paired with the Alpine KCE-400BT Bluetooth hands-free module. This device has no moving parts so you cannot play a CD or tape in this player. The Alpine iDA-X305 is for those that have their music collection in a digital format on an iPod or other music player. With the exception of a great AM/FM radio, this device is completely for digital playback. The Alpine iDA-X305 has one of the easiest to use interfaces for in-car browsing of digital media. Stop fumbling around with CDs and enjoy your iPod collection in your car- buy the Alpine iDA-X305 here today.

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Last updated: Monday, March 30, 2020

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