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HD-Radio technology allows AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programmes digitally. Local radio broadcasters are now using “Hybrid Digital Radio" technology to broadcast high quality sound and additional radio channels through FM multicasting.

Sony have introduced the XDRF1HD HD Radio so that AM stations can deliver FM sound quality and FM stations sound as crisp and clear as your favourite CDs. It aims to produce static free radio stations to allow you to get more from your radio experience. It picks up on distant stations that you never heard before. It also includes a full function remote control. Most other HD tuners on the market come with a much larger price tag.

The device itself is stylishly designed with an LCD backlight display. The song information is displayed on the screen.

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Last updated: Monday, March 30, 2020

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  1. May 5, 2011 by Fred Corron


    Because of its amazing sensitivity and selectivity, this tuner allows HD Radio broadcasts to be received in rural areas where there is little interference. I receive an HD program where the station’s signal is rated by FM Fool at -67 dBm, but I use an outdoor antenna and a Winegard VHF preamp, both of which I originally installed to receive a VHF DTV broadcast. But if you live in rural area and don’t mind putting a little money into an antenna (such as the large rigid dipole made by FM DX Antenna Co.), mast and preamp, you might be surprised at what you can get with this tuner. If you’re worried about the sound quality of HD, don’t. Although it’s not as good as analog can be, it’s enjoyable, and of course there’s no noise. So, if you live in a rural area and want HD radio, this is the tuner for you.

    Pros: Sensitivity, sound quality, price
    Cons: Audio purists might wish for an analog-forcing switch, but it can be modified, or forced into the analog mode by attenuating the signal.

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