Zoom H4n handy recorder

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Whether you are a musician, radio presenter or filmmaker you know that an essential aspect to a good production is audio. The Zoom H4n is a handheld audio recorder that allows you to capture a whopping four tracks of audio simultaneously. The manufacturers over at Zoom listened closely to the feedback about the Zoom H4 so they have given us the H4 next, the next generation of audio recorders.

The H4n comes with two condenser mics that can be adjusted to record at 90° or 120° depending on what you're recording.
Add a further two external devices or microphones via the two XLR/Hi-Z input jacks on the bottom of the recorder.The large 1.9-inch display allows you to monitor the levels, file format, recording time and battery life. Choose to record in a variety of mp3 formats or even 24-bit/96-kHz linear PCM WAV if you want broadcast quality audio. You can monitor this audio using headphones or the reference speaker on board the device. Audio is recorded onto an SD card and the Zoom can support cards up to 32GB in capacity.

After recording, simply connect your Zoom H4n to your computer using the USB cable provided to playback and edit your tracks. Also included with the Zoom is a 1GB memory card, a wind screen, a mic clip adapter, an AC adapter and a hard protective case. Whether its a demo, a film or a radio documentary you can depend on the audio quality of the Zoom h4n to make your project stand out.

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Last updated: Monday, March 30, 2020

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