Belkin Folio iPad Keyboard

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Are you looking to use your iPad for productivity as well as leisure? With all of the great productivity apps available on the iPad, it has all of the great functionality of a netbook. The only difference is the lack of a physical keyboard on the iPad, which can hinder your typing speed. The onscreen keyboard also takes up a lot of screen space that could be put to better use. That's where the Belkin Folio iPad Keyboard comes in. The Belkin Folio iPad Keyboard is a durable and protective case that has a keyboard built into its design.

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth to your iPad so it is wireless and very tidy. It gives users the tactile experience of a real keyboard that increase your typing productivity with well-spaced, responsive keys. The Scissor-spring key design provides tactile feedback, which is exactly what you want from a physical keyboard. As well as a full QWERTY layout, the keyboard also has shortcut keys that also you to perform certain tasks more efficiently on your iPad like adjusting volume, copy and paste text, perform searches and lock the iPad screen.

The Belkin Folio allows you to use change the viewing angle of your iPad using a tri-fold design. When you want to use your iPad to watch videos, you can simply tuck the keyboard underneath the screen and it will be out of sight until you need it again. The keyboard has its own battery which you charge via USB so that it does not drain your iPad battery. This battery lasts for up to 60 hours of active use and up to 2,000 hours of standby. Even with the addition of the keyboard, the Folio case is very compact and has access to all ports and the camera.

For the ultimate productivity accessory for your iPad, pick up a great deal on the Belkin Folio iPad Keyboard here today.

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Last updated: Sunday, November 17, 2019

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