Blueant Q1 Bluetooth Headset

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Searching for the most advanced bluetooth headset on the market? Get yourself the incredble Q1 from Blueant.

The Q1 is a neat Bluetooth headset which is quite elongated and sleek. The headset feels secure and light on the ear and it handles background and wind noise pretty well. The Q1 from BlueAnt Wireless comes with an incredibly useful voice-control helper, which is unique to the Q1. The headset's button layout and tactile feedback were impressive. All the Q1’s control buttons are easy to locate.

The Q1 has its own dedicated voice-command system, which bypasses your phone's voice prompts. Compared to typical Bluetooth headset, you can take advantage of some voice controls, as most mobile phones support voice dialling. When your phone is connected to a Bluetooth headset, you can say, for example, "Call voicemail" The call then starts, and you’ve never touched your phone's keypad – handy don’t you think?

The setup process is pretty straightforward. The Q1 itself tells you how to pair the headset to your phone via Bluetooth. So when you press the BlueAnt button (the main control button) you can begin to program your voice commands. So for example the Q1 lets you pick up or reject an incoming call using your voice command. So for example as I was cycling my phone rang, the Q1 informed me: "Call from 088 522 4641. Answer or ignore?" I said "Answer" aloud, and it connected the call.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for some) it doesn't come with a fancy case like the Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset. So to conclude the Q1’s integrated voice control is one of this headset's strongest features. If your mobile phone supports speed dialling and you'd like to handle calls using your voice then definitely get your hands on QI now.

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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