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The Motorola H700 is Motorola's 5th generation Bluetooth wireless headset. There’s a 30% reduction in size and weight from its predecessor and an overall better device is delivered. It supports voice dialing, three-way calling, last-number redialing, call waiting, and putting a call on hold or on mute.

The award winning PowerFlip™ design is back, this time with ever better audio performance. The voice clarity is excellent in the cases or both incoming and outgoing calls and the volume levels are so good that you’ll find you have to turn down the volume on your phone at times. The design of the headset is very comfortable because of its size and weight. Its design is ergonomic in that you can wear it for long periods of time while answering and disconnecting calls at ease. It has an approximate 30 feet connectivity range as well as a blue light to inform others that you are on a call. It comes with a standard Motorola charger so if you already have a Motorola phone, you can use the one charger for your phone and the H700.

The LED light changes colour when the device is low on battery and charging also. The H700 ‘s multi-function button supports last-number redialling, voice dialling, three-way calling and putting a call on hold.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 21, 2019

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