Polaroid Pogo Printer

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Remember when people got their photos developed? Photo albums and collages are something of the past in this digital age where all our memories reside on hard drives and memory sticks. Still, there is something nice about holding the memories in your hand. Having printed evidence of that great holiday, party or special occasion still bears something more concrete and more permanent.

What are you supposed to do though with your photos spread over your phone memory cards, camera memory cards and lying dormant on your computer? Printing them on your home printer can cost more in ink than you can afford. Well now, there's a solution. Say hello to the Polaroid Pogo Printer. This pocket sized device which weighs just 8 ounces will print from any bluetooth or USB device, whether it's your digital camera or mobile phone. The result is beautiful 2 x 3-inch color prints in just one minute. It's as simple as pressing print on your camera and there you have it- water-resistant, tear-proof, smudge-proof photo prints that you can peel off at the back and stick anywhere you like. They work pretty great with photo albums and have that retro polaroid feel that everyone loves.

These cool photos give you a great opportunity for you to be creative with your prints. Whether you want to design your refrigerator or make your boring notebooks more exciting, your photos can really personalize your possessions. Best of all, the Polaroid Pogo Printer doesn't need any ink. It uses ZINK inkless paper that embeds color into the paper and eradicates you ink refill costs completely. This Zink technology is very environmentally friendly also. It works by using heat to activate and colorize crystals, leaving it 100% inkless. At this great price, there's no reason at all to leave your photos hidden in a folder on your computer. Bring your memories to life with the Polaroid Pogo Printer.

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Last updated: Thursday, November 14, 2019

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