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Tired of carrying your paperbacks around in your handbag? The Amazon Kindle DX is the newest and best Kindle to reach the market. An e-book reader with a difference and now with a 9.7-inch screen for the best reading experience yet and a major improvement from the screen size of the Kindle 2. Imagine carrying up to 3,500 books in your bag and them all weighing just 18.9 ounces? Now that and much more is possible with this sylphs device that measures just over one third of an inch. That's twice the storage space that the Barnes and Noble Nook™. With no computer required, you can browse and download books straight onto your Kindle DX with 3G wireless even when you're traveling abroad. Best of all, it only takes 60 seconds to download an entire book- much faster than a trip to the book shop or waiting for it to be delivered to your door. There are no fees or contracts, only pay for the books you buy or the newspapers or magazines you subscribe to. If you want to sample a book before you buy it, that's easy too. Download the first few chapters for free to see if the book is for you.

Books are not the only thing you can experience with the Kindle DX. Need to review documents and PDFs for work or your studies? Empty that clutter and put them onto your Kindle also. With the auto-rotating screen, you can simply turn the device for a landscape view of those charts, table and images. The screen looks just like reading ink with the latest electronic-ink display technology so you can say goodbye to the eye strain and headaches associated with computer screens and LCD devices.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Amazon Kindle DX Reviews (2)

  1. January 14, 2010 by Alissa

    I had the Kindle 1 and I was pretty satisfied with it. So when I the KIndle DX appeared I preordered it. It was not cheap, but other than that I’m very happy with it, the large screen size rocks. The Kindle 1 looks like a toy when compared to the DX. The resale value of these is pretty high, 50%-70% on eBay. I’m reading using larger fonts and it’s absolutely not an issue on the large screen, the e-ink technology makes the text very sharp and the contrast is awesome. It works very well with PDF’s. The K1 wasn’t easy to use at all compared to the DX, the DX is much better, it can be held easily without pressing the buttons accidentally.

    Overall I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great ebook reader device if money is not an issue.

    Screen Size, Easy to Use, Rotating Screen, PDF Support

    Price, additional cover cost

  2. January 14, 2010 by SteveDee

    Although it was quite expensive, it well worth the price I paid. The build quality is excellent, I use it every day for news and weather, I love it. It is very easy to use, the screen is readable everywhere I go. The music player is a lovely addition. I love the keyboard layout, the device is easy to configure and the USB mass storage support helps to keep the documents organized. I read people complaining because of the lack of a touch screen, but I think it’s not necessary at all, the navigation system works very well, and the screen does not get full of fingerprints. I’d recommend this ebook reader over the competition, it’s simply the best ebook reader out there in my opinion.

    Very easy to use, battery life, great support

    No SD reader, small keyboard

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