Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi (4th Generation)

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Are you looking for the most affordable ebook reader on the market? The forth generation Kindle is the best value Kindle there has ever been. With so many tablet devices like the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tablet hosting an e-reader, a lot of people who are shopping for an ebook reader are getting confused. Should you buy a tablet or a Kindle? I can't answer that for you but I can say that if you've already got a tablet and are looking for a dedicated ebook reader, or don't want a tablet or any of the tablet features taking over your ebook reading device, then the Amazon Kindle is the perfect choice. This e-reader doesn't come with tons of bells and whistles, it is optimized for reading and reading alone. Compared to its predecessor, now called the Kindle Keyboard, this Kindle is 30 percent lighter at just 6 ounces and it has shaved 18 percent off the body size. It still has the same 6-inch screen size, but there's no longer a bulky keyboard at the bottom so you can enjoy a more immersive, realistic reading experience.

Anyone that I have shown this screen to has been amazed. It's bizarre to have a screen that looks just like paper with no backlight, but the E Ink display delivers such a crisp, clear reading experience that looks like no other electronic device. Because it reads exactly like paper, you can read in direct sunlight with no glare, just like any paperback book. Similarly to a paperback, you can highlight passages, make notes, add annotations to text, write in margins and lend your books to friends. Unlike a paperback though, you can instantly look up a word definition on-screen, email PDF and personal documents to your device to read on-the-go, adjust text size, browse free book samples, see recommendations on your next read and browse over one million books, newspapers and magazines to download straight to your device via Wi-Fi without ever having to connect to a computer.

If your current paperback is weighing you down, then it's time to switch over to the Kindle and experience having up to 1,400 books with you all the time on this light, gorgeous e-book reader. If you read half an hour per day, the battery will last up to one month on a single charge. What are you waiting for? You won't find a better deal on an e-reader than the Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi 4th Generation. Get a great deal here.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

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