Barnes & Noble Nook Color

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Are you looking for an e-book reader that also lets you browse the web and view documents from your computer on it? The Barnes & Noble Nook Color is the most interesting e-reader to hit the market in a long time. While a lot of tablet manufacturers like the iPad 2 are integrating e-books into their devices, the Nook Color is a dedicated e-reader that integrates elements from tablets into its functionality. The result is a pretty awesome e-reader. Design-wise, the Nook Color sticks very much to the design of other e-readers, except for the fact that it has a full-color screen. Although the previous Nook had a splash of color, this one has a full  7-inch VividView Colour Touchscreen. This makes reading at night and in dimly lit places a lot easier than other devices like the Kindle. The screen of the Nook Color is specially designed to reduce glare and provide optimum brightness for enjoyable reading indoors and outdoors.

The display of Barnes & Noble Nook Color is very vivid and has more 16 million colors which deliver rich images and clear, crisp text that your reading experience. This is especially appealing if you have young children. They can enjoy illustrated books in beautiful, clear colors. One of the best features of the Nook Color is that is has a read-aloud feature. This is not the automated robotic voice that is available on most e-readers. Instead, it combines audio from audiobooks and combines that with the e-book to make a great reading experience that families can enjoy together. The Nook color makes it easier to read books with more than one person; it has a IPS display that delivers extra wide viewing angle of 178 degree so that you and your family or friends can view the screen from whatever angle they are sitting at.This is especially useful because there is more to do on the Nook Color than just reading. This device is also capable of running android apps and games like Angry Birds, Brain Exercise, Mahjong, GeoBee and Drawing Pad. You can also open QuickOffice documents and keep updated on your Microsoft office files on the go.

The Nook Color allows you to easily switch between portrait and landscape modes, the built-in accelerometer does all the work, you just have to turn the nook to change the orientation from portrait to landscape or vice versa. There is also an option to lock the screen orientation so that the screen won’t change from portrait to landscape accidently. There are over two million books that can be browsed and downloaded right from your Nook, from New York Times bestsellers to award-winning novels and quintessential classics. Most of the books in Nook library cost less than their paperback counterparts and you have to option to sample them for free on your device before you buy them. You can also share books with friends that have Nooks too. If there is a Barnes & Noble store near you, you can read entire Nook Books for free for up to one hour per day when you are in the store. The Nook Color is much more than an e-reader but is a must–have for any bookworm. Get it here today at a bargain price.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

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