Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader

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Are you missing out on lots of good reads just because you don’t like to carry all that bulk with you everywhere you go? The Nook Simple Touch Reader by Barnes and Noble is the solution to your problems. Barnes & Noble have stripped down the Nook to concentrate solely on the reading experience.

While other e-book readers like the Kindle have a headphone jack and speakers, the Nook recognizes that web browsing and music collections are better left to devices like the iPad. The Nook Simple Touch Reader has a touch screen on e-ink technology, which looks just like paper. As a result, the Nook was able to cut off the keypad and leave the screen to take up the entire device. The new Nook weighs just 7.48 ounces, which is lighter than most paperbacks. Nook not only weighs less, it is really thin too and it can hold up to 1,000 books, magazines and newspapers.

This means you can take your entire reading library with you anywhere. Perfect for traveling, you don’t have to choose from bunches of books because you can’t carry them all. Barnes and Noble Nook also let you shop for books, magazines and newspapers right from your device. Shopping for books is simple. The Barnes and Noble library has more than 2 million titles including books, magazines and newspapers. Many titles are available for free, especially the classics. You have the option of pre-ordering books and subscribing to magazines so that you will get them as soon as they are released, which means no more waiting or rushing to the bookstore to get your favorite book. With Nook you can immediately download and start reading the books as soon as they are released. It will even give you recommendations on your next read based on the books you’ve read so far. You can also browse top picks, bestsellers and personalized suggestion based on the authors you love. Nook has the best battery life of any eReader on the market– you can read up to two months on a single charge, depending on your usage. Nook is similar to regular book; you can turn the pages, highlight passages and make bookmarks. You can even change the font size of any book, which is not possible in a regular book and perfect for those with bad eyesight.

Buy the Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader today and enjoy the ultimate reading experience.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

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