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Weighing just over 10 ounces, the Amazon Kindle eBook reader is certainly going to be a hit. It uses a technology known as electronic paper which means that unlike laptop screens, the Kindle eBook reader does not have a back light. It’s easy to view even in sunny conditions and you do not have to worry about eye-strain.

There’s a sharp context between the black text and the white screen and you can also adjust the size of the text to suit your own preference. You can store plenty of content on the kindle’s internal memory- over 200 books but if that’s not enough, there’s an SD card slot that you can use to expand its memory to fit thousands of books. Imagine the possibilities of carrying all of that content in your bag. There’s also an option to use the Kindle eBook for audio books, a welcome addition! Please also note that the new amazon kindle 2 is now available and this is the original Kindle, no longer sold by Amazon.

If you think about how much you spend on school/college books, how difficult some are to find, how heavy they are to carry around, how easy it is to download a whole book to this device; it makes the price worth it. Check out prices, cheaper than amazon!

The battery life on the Kindle eBook reader does not disappoint. A full charge lets this baby run for over a week with constant use. Search through dictionaries and Wikipedia without being in a wireless hotspot, bookmark pages that you wish to return to. The Kindle also saves the page you are reading so you will never lose a page again. If you come across a word you don’t know, you can find a definition instantly. You don’t need to be in a wi-fi hotspot to receive books, magazines and newspapers as you get it directly wired to the device via EVDO, a high speed data network. You don’t even need a computer. If you read a certain paper or magazine, your subscription will be ready for you sooner than they hit the stands. It also means less clutter as well as being better for the environment. You can browse through books to buy, read sample pages and blogs are automatically updated.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader Reviews (3)

  1. April 22, 2009 by Lois

    The Amazon Kendle is a great product. I have had mine since Oprah showed it on TV. The only problems I have now are that they have raised the price of their books, new releases and best sellers from $9.99 to $15.99. The main reason I paid $359.00 was the cost of the books would come down, then it was worth it.

    Best seller and new releases are mostly available, although sometimes they tell you the publishers won’t allow them on the Kendle and they also blame that on the publishers.

    I would have given this a 5 until these two problems happened.

  2. July 16, 2009 by Dean

    I don’t like using the PC screen for reading ebooks, that’s why I bought the Kindle Reader.

    It’s size is optimal, it can take a lot of abuse without going anything wrong. It has integrated wireless support and the ebooks can be purchased directly from the unit and downloading automatically. The free wikipedia access is also an excellent feature. Another great thing is that it supports SD memory cards for extending storage space.

    The number of purchaseable ebooks is huge, the screen is very readable in almost any lighting conditions, it is not like the screen on the flat monitors or cell phones. The font size can be adjusted to your liking. What I don’t like about it that it has no support for Adobe Pdf files.

    The ebooks are stored in Amazons library, so you don’t have to make backups or to be afraid of losing them if the device breaks or gets stollen.

    Overally I think it is a great device which really makes reading ebooks enjoyable

    free wireless, size, battery life, wide selection, cheap ebooks

    a bit expensive, no PDF support

  3. July 16, 2009 by Helga

    This ebook reader is amazing. It is very easy to get it run out of the box, it only has to be charged and it is ready to go. It charges up pretty fast. It is better than the others I have tried, like the Sony Reader, the iRex iLiad, and Bookeen Gen3. It has a great feature – wireless access. The battery is replaceable. It is easy to use it for surfing the internet. It makes possible to search for books on the unit. You can get a lot of free content through mobipocket software using a PC. I would highly recommend this device.

    wi-fi, batery life, keyboard, internet, usability

    thickness, screen small

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