Kindle Touch 3G

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Looking for a top of the line touchscreen ebook reader that has 3G connectivity with no monthly fees or contracts? With the Kindle Touch 3G you can download books on the go from anywhere, without having to locate a Wi-Fi area or wait until you are home for a strong enough signal. The 3G works globally so you really are connected everywhere- on work trips or on vacation. If you finish your book, you can just start another while carrying a device that weighs just 220 grams. The all-new design of the Kindle Touch 3G is 8 per cent lighter than the previous Kindle Keyboard and has 11 per cent smaller body size, owing to the fact that there is no need for a physical keyboard on this touch screen device. The battery life on the Kindle Touch is incredible and lasts up to two months on a single charge if you read half and hour everyday.

The design of the Kindle Touch is very intuitive and great for traveling or even just reading in bed. A new touch experience called "Easy Reach" has been developed which allows you to comfortably hold the Kindle in either hand while effortlessly turning the pages with the other with a simple tap. Long form reading was in mind when designing this ereader so tapping different parts of the screen gives different results instead of having to continuously swipe to turn pages. You can read as long as you like because the Kindle Touch 3G doesn't get hot in the same way a laptop does. For this reason, you can also e-mail PDFs and other documents to your Kindle for a better reading experience than a computer screen. If you often have to read and annotate work documents or if you are a student that has to get through electronic journal articles, then the Kindle Touch is perfect for you. There are also eight different font sizes to choose from so that you can adjust this depending on your needs.

There is a new great feature on the Kindle Touch 3G called "X-Ray" which allows readers to see passages throughout the book that mention a certain idea, character, or topic. It also has direct access for option detailed descriptions from Wikipedia that allows you to further research your topic right from your Kindle Touch. If you find a particular passage that you'd like to share with someone, you can simply share it onto any social networks like Twitter or Facebook without even leaving the page. With millions of book to choose from that can be wirelessly transferred to your Kindle as well as newspapers, magazines and audiobooks, there's never been a better gadget for readers. We've got a special price on the Kindle Touch 3G so snap one up at a special offer price while stocks last.

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Last updated: Thursday, February 20, 2020

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