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In the market for an ebook reader? The Amazon Kindle Keyboard haven't given up the battle of the e-book readers by a long shot. With the arrival of the iPad, some spectated that the iPad would blow the Kindle out of the water. However, Amazon have brought out a new Kindle to show you what their e-book reader is really made of. First of all, the design has improved. The Kindle is now even more portable as it weighs just 8.7 ounces- this makes it 15% lighter than its already very feather-like predecessor. The body of the device is 21% smaller but best of all, the screen size remains the same glorious 6 inches that is just perfect for reading on.

If you have never heard of the Kindle before then the main thing you need to know about is the glare-free display. There is no backlight meaning you can read it anywhere- just like an ordinary book. You won't get any of the eye strain associated with backlit screens and you can read in direct sunlight and the device never even gets hot. This also means that the Kindle has an amazing battery life. It can last up to a whole month on a single charge. This is great for those on the go that don't want to carry along heavy books with them- now you don't even have to bring your charger either. So how do you get books onto your Kindle? Simple. You don't even need to connect to a computer. Simply connect to a Wi-Fi network and enter the Kindle store. Choose a book and it will be on your device in less than 60 seconds. Preview before you buy it and keep up to 3,500 books on your Kindle at one time. Imagine being about to carry that many books, websites, magazines, newspapers and blogs around in your hand all at the same time in one neat, light device? Now you can.

The Kindle Keyboard also comes in this Wi-Fi only edition. That means that you don't have to worry about any extra charges and you can connect to your Wi-Fi at home, work or any Wi-Fi hotspots without any worry. Why spend extra on 3G that you'll never use? If you're mostly going to connect to Wi-Fi areas then save yourself some money by getting this Wi-Fi Kindle Keyboard at the cheapest price here and get caught up on your reading today.

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Last updated: Sunday, April 5, 2020

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